....and went. See Find #1.

I ordered 4 sizes in the Gap jeans, and the sized down regular length fit quite well. I adored the feel of the 100% cotton denim fabric, the button fly front, and the tailored yet relaxed vibe of the jeans. Very Modern Retro - so just up my alley. They fit like the model if you get the size right (runs big). But I couldn't get used to the twisted seams (which is authentic actually as the Gap warns you about the twisting). I kept on wanting to un-twist my legs. They are cute jeans though, and I can enjoy them on Karie.

I LOVE the vibe of birthday Rag & Bones SOOOO MUCH (my favourite blue jeans at the moment), that I want to get another similar silhouette. See Find #2 (I have those). Sooo I've ordered three more pairs. See Finds #3, #4 and #5. Will keep you posted.