Interesting! I always enjoy reading about your purchases/tries and then your subsequent thoughts.

I was wandering around GAP today, perusing the $9.99 sale jeans rack and, what do you know, these "vintage" jeans were well represented. Already! I am guessing more people than they supposed were put off by the skewed side seams.

I *know it's my perspective, I'm not saying I'm "right" at all, but I think they look odd, except for the last pair. Not even just for me (which would be ridiculous, I simply don't have the body to carry any of those off except possibly the last pair) but I'd do a double-take if I saw any of them. They honestly remind me of pants I wore in the early 70s that my mom made (I guess they were in fashion then) and I suppose I have baggage, lol. Some years there's just a wall I can't get past with what's in style, and this is it for me. I felt the same way about the harem pants but not as strongly. Perhaps this is the road to eventual Alfred Dunner-land but I sure hope not.