Unlike most, my hair does not grow fast. It took 10 months for my fringe to grow this long - and I'm finally there.

I also don't have thick, and a lot of hair. It's fine and silky. It does not boss me around. Thanks to very humid Seattle Autumns and Winters, my hair will wave when I "wash and go" with product. (I wash my hair daily).

This is what it looks like at the moment when left wavy, and I'm enjoying the wispy fringe. The last time I grew out my fringe it was thicker and less textured. This time I've thinned and textured it, and am enjoying the change.

Pic #4 is of Greg and me as VIP guests at the Simple Minds concert last night. That's my hair after wearing a hat on a walk with Sam in the afternoon - pic #5. (Candid shot by Greg and me caught unaware). I don't get hat-head! My feet are very hard to please but to compensate, I do have easy hair.

#authentic style.