Shevia : Grangie hair ... brilliant !

Yes, Angie I bet they do . You both seem to have found the fountain of youth ,

It was always my male clients that had the best hair and they usually didn’t know that until I pointed it out . They just wash product and go.

Taylor, that's sooo interesting, and you are too kind.


You two are an adorable couple. Beautiful hair, too.

The fringe looks lovely on you. Great pictures too!

You look gorgeous and younger with your pretty and modern. Those of us with super straight hair can only dream that someday we will wake up with wavy fringe.

Gorgeous hair on both of you. The wavy fringe is super.

Amazing colours on the leaves. Fab to see Simple Minds.

Looks great! And what luck to have easy hair. I guess we all have some “difficult” body parts and others that are easier to compensate!

Your hair looks great Angie. Greg does have fabulous hair. What fun the concert must have been! I am a big fan of Simple Minds. Actually, I like a lot of 80s music. (A-ha doing Turn on Me Unplugged is TDF.)

OMG your new hair style is exquisite. Greg and you are a gorgeous couple and your love for each other shines through.

Love the puffer on you, and Simple Minds are fab! How cool to be able to see them up close!

Loved to see both of you -beautifull people! Love the long fringe, we have seen this cut before, am I right?

I love how you regularly change up your look. This new hairstyle is beautiful on you and so wonderful that you can enjoy your natural wave in your hair.

You and Greg look wonderful together. I saw Simple Minds as one of my first big concerts. They were amazing. So glad that you enjoyed it too.

Very cute, love how soft and flowy it looks. I have difficult hair but easy feet so I guess it's a trade-off

The fringe looks gorgeous on you.

Good looking pair and it sounds like a magical evening. While growing out your fringe took patience, it is great that it is cooperating! My hair is thick, fast growing and bossy, so I appreciate seeing your ability to style yours daily. Fun options! You look wonderful in your floral pants and navy puffer, as well as those sassy specs. Thanks for sharing!

Your hair looks great and the concert sounds so fun! I have similar floral patterned jeans that I bought last fall.

I’m not actually sad, no Just happy it’s back as I really like your wavy locks!

Thank you ALL for the awfully kind words. I'm blushing.

Bijou, Go Team Simple Minds

Lyn67, a little different this time. A less thick and more textured fringe.

Smittie, thanks for liking my wavy locks, which only happen in humid weather. It's fun to change things up.

Love the long fringe and the photos of you and Greg. Pretty and fresh. Since we got a house humidifier installed with our new furnace, I get a little wave in my fringe too when it is longer, and should learn to work with it.

What product do you use and how? Wash and go is playing my tune.

the colors on your trees are fab! due to a weird weather pattern here, lots of rain, high temps followed by low temps, we haven't had a great foliage season...

hair looks great as well..., Greg, the leaves...everything lol love those leggings too!