The comments on last week's Wardrobe Colour Palette post were fascinating, and I so enjoyed reading them.

As I said in the post: the more willing you are to combine unexpected and clashing colours together in an outfit, the easier it is to manage a wardrobe with a large assortment of colour.

In other words if your affinity for colour mixing is high, you’ll happily combine all sorts of weird and wonderful colours into an outfit and feel fab. Because you like wearing a wide assortment of colours and in unconventional combinations, you feel in control of a wardrobe that is steadily increasing in colour possibilities. This is not the case when your affinity for colour mixing is low. In this case a wardrobe full of colour will be overwhelming. The colour combinations that tickle your fancy will be narrower, so it will be a good idea to limit the range of colours in your wardrobe.

My affinity for colour mixing is high, so adding all sorts of colours to my wardrobe alongside my signature colours feels right. I never feel out of control or overwhelmed when I add more and more colour to my wardrobe. In fact - it makes me happy. I know that forum members like Mary, Aida, Sveta, Joy and Diana bat for the same Team. Forum members like Debs from Oz and Gryffin on the other hand, with their almost all black and charcoal wardrobes, have a very low affinity for colour mixing. It's ALL good, and there is no right and wrong. The only right thing here, is to listen to your emotions because colour is a highly emotive variable.

Over to you. Is your affinity for mixing colours high or low?