Well, that's a good question. I think I'd say medium?

Like Joy and Gaylene, my affinity for colour is somewhat seasonal -- on the whole, I tend to wear the brighter colours in my palette in the summer. It's the dose of white I inevitably add or the dark neutrals with greater exposure of skin that makes them work for me then, I think.

In winter, I absolutely NEED colour but tend to slightly different tones. I love my berries and reds especially in winter. And I don't really mix colours as often -- I tend to wear a colour with neutrals.

The times I have tried really bright colours mixed (both top and bottom, e.g. turquoise top, orange bottoms) I have liked it in theory but not to wear. I just don't feel like myself.

Thanks for chiming in, ladies.

Lots of low and medium affnities to colour mixing. Some that mix it up seasonally, and fewer with a high affnity.

K. Period. I'd say a medium colour mixing affinity and on the way to high.

Glad things worked out, JAilleen.

High, unsurprisingly. I prefer my colors in patterns to break up the big blocks of color though; in general, I do not like color blocking so much.

Super low affinity. I only have a handful of colored items. They are mostly cool and dark. I have a high affinity for texture.

Hmm... I'd say mine changes, or maybe that I haven't quite found mine yet. I'm guessing I'm in the low mid-range. Wearing lots of blocked color feels costumey to me. But I like lots of color in prints, and I don't mind head to toe tonal color. I also like mixed neutrals quite a lot. But I feel a bit bored in monochrome from head to toe - I want a contrasting topper or something....

I suspect that's changing too though, and am wondering what this coming spring will bring. I keep hanging on to brightly colored items that I like but don't want to wear, thinking that in different lighting, I might want to wear them.

Princess low affinity checking in!! Definitely Ms subtle over here. I didn't even embrace gray until I realized it was actuallyl "black lite!!" Although I love almost all styles and adore the drama of high contrast and colorful looks, I am happiest in subtle variations on a grayscale theme. But isn't that marvelous, all the diversity!! Shouldn't the pidgeon be just as happy as the peacock?

Low to medium I'd say. Mostly, I like my colours to blend and harmonise, but I can take a certain amount of contrast, and like to play with interesting combinations. No clashing colours or high-contrast combos for me, though.

On the low side. I love colour but I prefer tonal and low contrast mixes. Maybe this is why I love ombre so much!

I love strong colors but have a low affinity for mixing them, except in Indian outfits. Limiting colors has been a major part of keeping my wardrobe cohesive.

As a shorty, I think it's been pounded into me not to wear high contrast. However, I have no problem with mixing colors or neutrals of similar intensity, like darks with darks or lights with lights so that I have a column of color (or more probably) a column of neutral.

I'm always looking for color combinations/accents that are new to me. The main reason for that is that I unaccountably do not like - for my own use - many traditional combinations like all the autumn colors together or grey and light pink. It's probably safe to say I don't use any of the typical color combinations of the 80's and didn't like 'em then, either. I dress and shop mainly by color first. I also prefer medium or even low contrast. So I tend to like, say, black with rich dark colors. It's important enough to me that I had to start coloring my hair from my natural taupe/.grey/blonde to medium red shades so I could more successfully wear the colors for the (former) redhead I was unconsciously shopping for.

Low to medium maybe due to practicality? I think that's affinity too but I seems harder to mix colors with just a few ensemble items per outfit in the work place, and more limited options in typical workwear tops and bottoms.

So more affinity for casual outfits where toppers and bags come in to play.

Also, like Diana, I like combining colors in prints more than by color-blocking but again, it's harder to "block" with typical work pants compared to jeans, cords etc.

I have learned I really like it when I can add a 3rd or even 4th color some how--some scarf -containing outfits do this and have a high happiness factor.
For example, I would have gray/black/burgundy (maybe just 2) in outfit and the scarf would have some burgundy plus teal and mustard--yum.

Low here! The funny thing is that I often love seeing colour mixed outfits but I just don't like to wear them myself. For example I always enjoy and appreciate Ms Mary's outfits :). For contrast I like the contrast of my light skin against darker toned clothing but I prefer low contrast with my outfits.

Hmm...medium, I think. I tend to limit my neutrals to just a handful--with black and navy being my mainstays, along with grey, white, and some burgundy. I enjoy varying my neutrals from day to day and even season to season, and other than an occasional column of color outfit, I like to add bits of additional color. Today, for example, I'm wearing grey jeans and a black jacket along with a fun chartreuse, black, and grey scarf to add some zest.

Hmmm...is white a color?
very, very low.....but I like to mix up texture!

I'd say I have low color mixing affinity. But like Suz says, I experiment more in summer than winter.

From what I understand, "color mixing affinity" means ones desire to *mix* color....not wear color. Is that right? For example - I would wear a simple red dress with nude-for-me shoes but may not want to mix a red skirt with a non-neutral top.

I am much more comfortable in neutrals and don't even bother with wearing contrast much. I think I've been subconsciously wearing a ' column of color' even before I knew that term.

My best colors are black, grey, navy, pink, red, cobalt. Jewel tone pinks & greens look good too.

Now - is there something called *High affinity for prints* ? I do love to wear prints

MsMary's post was like walking into a candy store. I am not a huge color mixer, but will experiment from time to time.

Medium? I don't wear more than 2 colours together (3 if neutrals), but I'm happy to play with colour combinations within those constraints.

Put me on the bench next to MsMary!

I have found that I have a low affinity for color mixing. I recently tried it out of desperation, simply because I have a couple of colored bottoms for which I don't have very many suitable neutral tops. So I wore some colored tops with them instead, and although the colors were a good match, I just felt "off" all day. I'm certainly glad that I tried it, though, because now I know for sure that it's not my cup of tea. I can tell from looking at my wardrobe too that I am a neutral lover--I have only a handful of nonneutral items.

I really enjoy the odd mixing of different colors and do not have any reservations about doing it myself - but, I know without a doubt that I look best in outfits that are on the low end of color mixing - monotones of white, cream, blush - or denim blue, cobalt blue, and baby blue, etc. etc. Recently, I wore a blush/pinkish skirt with a cobalt blue top and cognac footwear that I really enjoyed - high color mixing for me! - but that is not my norm - I definitely gravitate towards the low end!

Low color mixing affinity, but high shopping affinity so I have way too many colors in my wardrobe, stressing me out! Too many neutrals, too many accent colors.

Wow, I was almost blinded by Mary's cumulative layout, so so fab!:-)
I think am personally a low (to medium in summer) affinity-and mostly using prints and patterns, like Diana said.

I had to jump back in to comment on Mary's fabulous, colourful montage. I love to see other women using colour so boldly and joyfully even though I could never pull it off myself.

Low to moderate for me - I love a column of color in a jewel tone or dark neutral, with metallic, neutral, or burgundy shoes and handbags. When I have a few colors in an outfit, I like for them to feel harmonious (e.g., similar saturation). Maybe that's why most of my patterned items have a watercolor motif - the varied shades of several similar colors feel more cohesive to me than a strong contrast.

Wow! Hats off to Ms Mary!! Thumbnails on their own are a feast for the eyes.

For myself, I'd say medium. I love high contrast outfits and bold colours, but as I age I'm more inclined to wear colours that I know really suit me, so I find my palette is narrowing somewhat. But it's all good.

Lol Mary! I think you win the prize!

Me? Hmmm...a medium? I will mix a few colours, like burgundy/olive/cream or coral/mint/cream. I tend to like to use medium toned shades that create a more blended look...with medium contrast most of the time.

Mary is the captain of the Team. KILLER outfits. LOVE them all.

Diane, you're dead right.

I am not a high contract color dresser. I was also very careful to always have what one would have considered in the "old days" a "neutral" color : black , gray, navy. But since coming to YLF, I started noticing color combos more. Not just on the site but in nature. I bought a color wheel and love to play with it. I started to "allow" myself to indulge in some color combos with non-tradition "neutrals"; like olive and burgundy. It makes me so happy to wear teal and olive. Or rose pink with my burgundy polka dot pants. It makes me so happy.