I'm with Deborah - my thoughts and feelings exactly. You know where I do freely mix colour though? In my home. This is a really interesting topic - and I'm amazed at Ms M's photos - what a closet you must have!

So interesting to read this thread! I'll definitely come back and read every post again.

I think the use of colours and my current aiming for medium to high colour mixing is reflecting my personal journey.
In recent years I've been on an extremely bumpy road which also has led to personal growth. It's been tough mentally and physically, but I feel more confident and happier than before. Bold colours and whites make me smile and reminds me to cherish happiness in whatever shape it comes. I also receive more positivity from friends, colleagues and strangers. Black and grey is still going strong and ground my babysteps into «MsMary-colour-mixing-land».

High, but usually grounded with a neutral.

Late to a great thread!

I function at the medium level, I think, but I have high leanings. I feel a bit "held back" at the moment. Firstly, finances demand that I have a cohesive closet on a budget. Limiting the number of colors just make sense. Also, I fear looking less "sophisticated" in high contrast - high color outfits. If I were in Paris, being bright might feel like a brave style-setting choice. In the midwest, it feels a bit like you're channeling the lady in the Christmas sweater! On the other hand, if I let loose and allowed more color mixing, would I like the results more?

Right now, I'm avoiding the issue entirely, focusing on mixing neutrals instead. I actually wore dark brown booties, burgundy pants, my Loft print top and my charcoal tweed Loft moto. All at once. Mixing brown, grey, and print. I loved it! The brown simply bookended my hair and was lower contrast to my trousers than black would have been. I also added deep olive trousers for an earthy, interesting color to ground my cobalt and burgundy, and to break up my grey and black. These trousers will figure in my Post-Christmas-Winter-Wonderland capsule!

Excellent food for thought. I guess I'll join the "somewhere between low and medium" group - I usually combine two neutrals or one neutral and one colour. I guess this is why I don't feel like I have to limit the number of colours in my wardrobe - I'll add any warm colour with confidence that it will play nicely with my warm neutrals. I'm also happy to wear a pattern...if it contains one of my neutrals.

Low for me (predictably)

Mine is fairly low and it helped me a lot when I realized this. I haven't read the other responses so forgive if I repeat, but I read once that this preference has to do with how monotone your own coloring is and I've found this true. I have brown hair, biscuity skin, and greenish brown eyes, so I'm fairly monotone and enjoy just a bit of color mixing (and I like my colors to tone to my neutrals). DD has red hair, slate blue eyes, and ivory skin and looks amazing when she mixes vivid colors. I used to try to do that and never felt good. So I'm very happy with my lower contrast looks!

I would put me on team low color mixing. I adore high mixing looks on others, but for myself, I'd rather blend together. Maybe that's exactly why I enjoy the high mixing look on others so much, because I would not do that for myself.

Bat for Team Low. I'm short so it ls just more visually appealing. I'd love to branch out into blush and beige and white soon though. I wear mostly dark colors with jewel tones occasionally. It's fun but it's harder to bring blush to the table that way...

Definitely low! I'm so much happier since I started to pay more attention to repeating my favourite colors in my wardrobe.