YLF hive mind, could you lend an eye to my quest for an updated sun hat for upcoming vacation?

The first photo is the one I already own. I like the style, but the brown color has never been my favorite, so I have been keeping an eye out for a new one.

#2 I bought this one at Nordstrom because I like the shape, and the black and white is a nice departure from the usual styles. But is this too busy, considering I’ll be wearing it with printed swimsuits? I do have a black coverup, a white coverup, and a black and white patterned one. (this one looks great with my silver sunglasses!)

#3 One I own that is not so much of a poolside hat as a “wandering around” hat. Good for days when I want to keep sun off my face but not really beachy. I’ve worn this one a lot, it’s getting beat up, but still very serviceable.

#4 and 5 Bad photos, sorry. I think the photos don’t do the hats justice. First one has silver metallic threads throughout, second has a removable scarf-like band that I could switch out with my own patterns, which is nice. Both are packable which is a great bonus.

#6 and 7 A little more on the big and dramatic side. Too much? One has blue which would go with my swimwear; the other silver which goes with my sunglasses.

#8 I snagged this one at JCrew because it’s packable and a nice size. Not glamorous but a nice fit.

Opinions welcome!

Tags are still on the black and white and the J Crew, so if any of the others are better, I can return them. I'm pretty partial to the JCrew one, but I'm a bit on the fence about the black and white. 

Added my WIW today. I’m starting to feel larger earrings again.

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