Summer goes on and it's still too hot for me to wear anything other than skirts or dresses to work. I haven't worn jeans or pants since early December. And have not worn a topper this year except for a couple of cooler early mornings. So not a lot of variation.

I have adopted a work formula of pattern over plain or plain over pattern (with the occasional pattern mix). I am relying heavily on pattern to provide outfit interest. It's hard to do more in summer when everything is so pared back.

I have also been trying to mix tough and pretty elements in my work outfits. Last year I mentioned that I liked "tough boho" as a style descriptor. The problem with that descriptor (for me) is that I am not always boho and boho can look a little casual for work. I thought tough + pretty might serve me better. Of course, I am not always tough either, or pretty for that matter. Hence my struggle with style descriptors

Happy to hear your thoughts.

1: Saba top with Cue skirt. More tough than pretty?

2: Uniqlo top (black) with Veronika Maine skirt.

3: Zara top with Metalicus skirt.

4: Uniqlo top (black) with Portmans skirt.

5: Uniqlo top (this one is blue) with Decjuba skirt.

6: Veronika Maine top with Portmans skirt. More pretty than tough?