It is a great formula and you look very polished. Your toe nails set of the shoes very well.

You've got a formula that works for you for the summer, I say go with it. Summer dressing is hard, without layers to make things interesting. Your patterns work really well, especially when combined with interesting shoes, bags, jewelry. Are you bored by it?

I kind of like the word "sharp" for you, rather than tough. I do understand your struggles with "boho," though. I have a strong boho element to my style, but when I try to use that as a guideline for shopping, it easily gets to be too much. I suspect even the smallest boho touches punch above their weight class when it comes to style direction.

You ALWAYS look glam, sweet Brooklyn.

Whatever you call it, this formula works so well for you. I do often get a boho vibe from your outfits, but I wonder if it's more the jewelry than the actual clothing. You and Jenn both seem to be able to take a simple black top (just as an example) and jeans or skirt, but then you add just the right jewelry. A bold cuff or interesting pendant. And something about that jewelry reads a bit boho to my eye....maybe because it's somewhat earthy, organic, globally-inspired? Im struggling to find the right words here!

You definitely have both tough and pretty elements covered. Your great shoes and your black items read a bit tough. But then you soften that with your lovely florals, pearls, and even your curls in #4. It's a great juxtaposition and one of the reasons I'm drawn to your style.

Thanks Kerlyn! I am really flattered by that. It's amazing the difference that choice of accessories will make to an outfit. Like hobo bag = more boho and satchel = more classic, ladylike. I love playing around with those touches. Especially in summer when you can't do much more.
Aw, thanks again Angie. You are too kind.
Thanks Jenn. I'll take "sharp" That's a clever analysis: that boho touches punch above their weight. That may be why I shy away from too much boho. I don't like too much of anything. And yes, I am a bit bored with summer. Mostly I am fed up with the heat. It's been a very hot summer here. But I do long to wear boots and a jacket again. Soon. Very soon.
Thanks Jane and Jenni!
Thanks Caro. I remember you saying something like your summer garments have to be simple and stand alone for interest. I am trying to apply that by carefully choosing pattern. If the pattern makes me happy then the outfit will make me happy.
Thanks Coco. Great to "see" you again and commiserations on the heat. I am breaking out the boots in March. No matter what. Please feel free to join me
Thanks Shevia. If only my curls would behave! I don't know how you do it. You should be giving a Masterclass in curl management.

You've created a wonderful work formula, Brooklyn. I love all the pieces and all the outfits. You look polished and professional, with just the right amount of "pretty". Lovely.

You are a great inspiration for me personally. I was the former Queen of PencilSkirts on YLF:-) just a bit more classic. Formula pencil + top still works and is still easy for me, but wanted to toughen up a bit, me too. I do only have one peep toe bootie sandals (in black) and would like to hunt down one in metallic or tan, too-as like others said-and you did it so well, shoe choice is critical, here. Love all your outfits posted a great formula and great accessories(not only shoes) as well:-).

Wow, what a gorgeous set of outfits. It may be a kind of "uniform" but you wear it extraordinarily well -- you know what suits you and you know what works. You have the best set of accessories ever -- I always admire your footwear, bags, and necklaces/ bracelets. These are so important to summer dressing. I also think you pick patterns very well -- they are feminine and add interest without being overly "pretty" or "nice."

Like Angie, I see the blue dominated outfit as being more feminine looking perhaps -- or at least less hard edged.

I might not call these looks "tough" though. More "feminine with an edge?" "Edgy Femme?" Something like that.

Do you consider yourself to have a pear shape? I'd have called you a rectangle for sure! Interesting.

In any case -- on the subject of dresses/ skirts, I for one would wear far more of them if I lived in your climate. As you know, like you, I adore a good tube skirt and I wear them all summer here and love love love the option to do so, much as you like wearing jeans when you get the chance.

But skirts and dresses are much less practical in my cold climate, esp. since I work from home and tend to curl up on the couch with my laptop. Layering in hose (that my cat can run and that probably isn't warm enough), hiking the garment up to sit, not being able to move well (unless the skirts are knit, which wouldn't be warm enough in the winds when I go out) -- it's just not going to work, though I have tried several times to make a go of it.

Suz, I totally get that. And thanks for your kind words. I feel I am a pair shape because my thighs are the widest part of me. But I can sort of fake an hourglass shape because, even though I have a small bust, I have broad shoulders. I like edgy femme! But as you know, sometimes I like a retro look with little or no edge. So I doubt I will ever settle on a single descriptor.
Lyn, thanks, we can share the title! You should post more wiws (pretty please). I recommend some tan peep toe booties because they are a great light neutral for summer.
And thanks Summer.

This is a lovely outfit formula and you have some really pretty patterns in your summer wardrobe.