I did post a review of my 2017 successes and added some on Angie's Style Goals post. I thought I'd do like others and keep a separate post to be more accountable.

1. Shop my closet often. Finish donating the items I have in holding and will not wear again.
2. Make sure I’m wearing the clothes I love often enough – a general
goal is to get at least 24-30 wears on an item before I grow tired of
the style (so I can justify the expense.) This can be over a period of
1-3 yrs or more if it lasts in terms of quality and style.
3. Be very particular about purchases with regards to fit, silhouette, lifestyle practicalities, and cost.
4. Find at least one summer dress I like and actually wear it.

5. Be more budget conscious regarding tracking items and cost per wear and lower my budget to $100 per month to see if that works for me.
6. Add more summer bottoms that are more refined than just denim shorts.
7. Look for and buy one or two side split hem tops as I'm enjoying this silhouette for a non-tucked look - slightly boxy or a-line, not too long.

Since tracking and budget are important to me this year I thought I'd go into more detail.

I don't track my clothing formally but keep
mental notes of how often I wear items. As long as I wear something 20
times or so it usually fits into my personal budget ideals. If I spend
$40 on a top for example, and wear it 20 times, the CPW is $2 and that's
great. If I wear it more than that - yay! If I spend more on it, the
CPW of course goes up so I expect that I should keep it longer and make
sure I wear it more than 20 times.

I think average cost of one top for
me is around $40 and jeans/pants is more like $75. I DO wear the same
jeans/pants more frequently and for a much longer period (years) than
most of my tops.

I wonder if anyone else looks at CPW for the *total* of their clothing
items. Top, pants, shoes specifically. At $2 each it would be $6 a day
or $180 a month. But for me, I get a LOT more wears from my shoes so
they are more like $1 CPW, sometimes lower depending on the price of the

Anyway, there are many ways to track and budget I guess. I like to think
about the monthly and yearly total in terms of CPW. I'd like to lower
my budget this year and forward and restrict myself to maybe $100 a