I've tried a few different ways to set a clothing budget over the years but I'd like to try something new.

I think I'd like the budget number to cover everything I put on my body. I arbitrarily chose CPW ideal to be $1. This may not be realistic. Since I'm grouping everything together this is an average. Some things will have higher CPW and some might have lower.

In summer I'd wear top, bottom, shoes.
In winter I'd wear top, bottom, topper, shoes, coat.
Everyday I'd wear bra and panties.
8 months of the year I'd wear socks.
Every night I'd wear pyjamas and every morning a robe.
Every evening I'd wear loungers - cami, top and bottom.
2-3 times per week I'd wear workout top and bottom and shoes.

Per year wears ...

365 shoes
365 pyjamas
365 robe
365 bras
365 panties
240 socks
365 lounger bottoms
365 lounger tops
365 camis
365 tops
365 bottoms
240 toppers
240 coats
130 workout tops
130 workout bottoms

If I budgeted $1/wear and averaged wearing each for only a year I'd need to budget $4630 per year. If I assumed some items would last longer ie. coats, I could budget even less. A three-year average sounds reasonable so then I'd need to budget $1540 per year or about $130 a month. This is much lower than I currently spend.

Have I missed anything in my analysis? Has anyone done this before?

How do you set your clothing budget? What gets included and why?