In the spirit of today's blog post, and also with my upcoming (yes, I'll get to it the minute I have a free day ) edit in mind, I pulled out a few old favourites that haven't seen wear this year at all. I've managed to drop some weight this summer , and am happy to be able to wear these, my all-time favourite pants, again . I've struggled with this jacket since the day I bought it, and bet I can count on one hand the number of times I've worn it. I've never had the perfect top for it, and to my dismay, realized I never made it a priority to find one. Isabel's oh-so-wise-words are still my head : don't buy something just because you like it, but it because it is a wardrobe solution. I loved this jacket in the store - the colour is everything to me- but it doesn't go with much, and I kind of let it drift off my radar. I'm re-motivated to make this work (it was bloody expensive ) and to keep looking for that perfect underpinning or top. It's quite a dressy jacket in terms of fabric , and needs something of substance to work with it. The sleeveless t I'm wearing is ok, but never fit me the way I wish it did. It's a very square and slim cut, and doesn't look great on it's own. I do love the silk screen printed front though. Plus, I liked it. Grr. Not a wardrobe solution at all. Just expensive and pretty. Nonetheless, I'm also wearing this to work today, with different shoes though (flat mules). Finished off with a spritz of Kenzo Flower in honour of Angie and her blog post today

trousers - Vince Strapping Pant, black textured basket weave cotton/wool blend (at least 5 years old)
t-shirt - Tiger USA (3 years old)
jacket - Smythe (4 years ?)
suede block heel mules - Expression (cheap and cheerful, as they say) Bay house brand) new this summer , not particularly comfortable
necklace - Canadian jewellery maker whose name escapes me now and I can't read the tag without my glasses 3 years old. Never wear it. Will switch out to earrings and no necklace for work today.

Version 2 : last minute change before work: this time with an old orphaned CM sleeveless silk blouse. Roughly tucked Shell craft sale earrings that are at least 10 years old and among my fav pieces.

Comment, thoughts on blazer styling , outfit preference etc, anything and everything welcome !

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