Looking good, my friend! I'm with you on feeling the need for a third piece even in summer -- which gets challenging in the heat.

Carol - The RehFit is reopening soon !!!! And thanks for the comment Hope you’re enjoying our fantastic weather !

Janet - you will have to pry this jacket out of my cold dead hands . It’s a keeper. CM used to do the BEST military inspired pieces .

Yummy silhouette on you those long shorts. I also adore your earrings! They are highlighting your glow, skin and hair. I have to add, although no where did you ask... You mentioned you aspire to dress more minimalistic chic (?). How would you feel wearing that fab camo jacket over a coloumn of all black? Or the striped vest with a plain white tee? Just some thoughts that sprung to mind! Love your wiws!

Gosh you do shorts well Lisa. I am now coveting that olive and gold sparkle tank. It is do very you - edgy and sophisticated all at once. And camo looks so good on you! All the depth of those variegated olives. And honestly, I never thought a long jean jacket would work... but you somehow make it look fabulous!

Shorts look fantastic on you in every iteration and I couldn't agree with you more with the reason why long shorts rule!

Well, i may have to copy the shorts with camo jacket today. Supposed to be in the 80s (27c) today, but i need to do my weekly Target and Whole Foods run, and who knows what they are doing for AC.
Love these shorts looks on you

I love all these iterations ... and honestly in the summer, with variations in temperature, you need them.

I've had in mind a pair of nude/ taupe mules or wedges to produce a long-legged look something like you have here, but didn't settle on anything yet. I have ordered a pair of open toe, platform clogs, which are a great deal chunkier than I would usually wear, but I'm going to see how they look.

If I looked like this in shorts, I would be a convert to team shorts too. Your styling here is classic LisaP and perfect for your style descriptors.

Lisa, YES! I thought they were Jag shorts, but had to edit and correct myself. Clearly I needed more tea that day.....

Lisa - I'd love to have a pair of nude or pale square toe-d mules, but haven't seen anything affordable yet. Or a knock off of the Anine Bing pointy elastic back slingback I've got a pair of open toe clogs coming from Anthro which I can't wait to try here too . I'm all about clogs lately - lol.

Roxanna - that long denim jacket is fantastic! The photo was taken in a store I sell to, and the owner gave me a great deal on it Her spring merch has been sitting there for months and she wanted it gone. My body shape likes a longer jacket , and this felt like a million bucks on. Denim jackets that sit on my hip make me look super wide from the back, which is not really what I'm going for , and that's why I rarely wear them even though I like them !

These are really pulled together jean short looks. The toppers, shoes, and earrings elevate the look but I think the color, length and fit of the shorts Is what makes this stand out.

I'm always amazed how skilled you are when dressing up some casual clothes and make them look so feminine and ladylike even with short hair! Love those neutral sandals with a spingy pastel pedi-and you have great legs!