As I mentioned in FashIntern's thread, I've been thinking about setting a shop-your-closet challenge for myself beginning November 1st. This is partly to keep my budget in line, partly because I really dislike the way consumer culture ramps up during the holiday season (especially here in the US, it seems), and partly to push myself away from browsing-as-hobby (possible New Year '19 resolution as well). I know I'll be more successful if I do it with a group, post updates, make the time for outfit creation sessions, etc.

So here's my idea: Identify the categories that feel like "needs" but aren't really, and find ways of satisfying those "needs" through one's own closet. To use myself as an example, I am always looking at blazers but already have two that I don't wear as much as I'd like, so I'll continue to push myself to create blazer-based ensembles. I've been really excited about the return of bootcuts and flares, but I already have a pair of flared wool trousers from a few years ago -- so why not wear those instead of adding more?

Challenge tracking could be WIW photos, written updates, capsule snapshots, whatever is most helpful to you. I propose a month-long challenge running through November, and I can start a weekly general discussion thread if that's helpful to folks.

Does that make sense, or interest anyone other than me?