We’ve been snowed under and frozen for two weeks. We’ve had four snowfalls in one week. Between one and two feet. Record snow and cold. Well below freezing.

These pics are outside our house in the city. It looks like an alpine ski resort!!! And this is THE CITY OF SEATTLE. CRAZY is an understatement.

For many this is just a regular Winter. For us in Seattle it is NOT. The city does not have the infrastructure to deal with this type of snow, and that's the very tricky part. Very little is cleared, and people are left to their own devices. We have lots of hills, like San Francisco, which makes things a lot worse. It’s a treacherous mess. Schools closed for weeks. Absolutely hectic. Very, very slow to melt. I haven’t driven in weeks. We don’t have an SUV here either.

But we are getting on with it, and VERY lucky to live in the city where there is power and most things are walkable from where we live. We have a fab hood! Lots and lots of people on foot because they can’t drive.

Sam is a snow warrior. He’s walking through the snow and deep freeze like a husky. He’s leg deep in snow sometimes! Swimmg through the slush. 6 pounds of terrier toughness.

I’m grateful to have my arctic Canadian puffer, Aquatalias, fleece lined hi-tops, and very warm clothes and accessories. They have made the difference.

Really want the snow to go. Bring back the rain! Or better yet, make a warm Spring come early