We need to send some of our snow plows and salt trucks down to you guys Hang in there and stay warm!

Or the Canadian Army, eh TG?

Wow that is crazy....but I must say the photos are really, really pretty. I hope Sam's little footsies are ok and not frostbitten. You, Greg and Sam look like you at least have some good gear to deal with the elements. That makes all the difference.

I am sure you all must be stir crazy right now. I am hoping things lighten up and the snow clears so you can at least get out and about and back to the normal routine. We have been having lots of rain here - which we desperately need. I finally get to use the raincoat I purchased over a year or 2 ago, but find I don't exactly have the right footwear for rain.

Cardiff girl, it IS pretty, and thanks for the compliment.

ChristeIJ, AHA. A former Seattleite. You get how ridiculous, unheard of, and dangerous this is. But YES, where we live is very convenient. Lucky!

JAileen, I'll trade snow for rain. Seattle hills are HECTIC. That’s not even a steep hill!

Bonnie, send the rain back our way! Happy your drought is over though.

Joy, my car is parked at the bottom of our hill, which helps. Sam is a warrior. No snow rolling!

Taylor, soooooo with you. Remind me NOT to live in a snowy climate.

delurked, Sam is the best!

Deb, no idea. Our garden has been frozen and snowed in for weeks.

Lisa P, thanks for the empathy. Small fry snow for Winnipeg, but brutal for Seattle

Jenn, exactly. The hills and ZERO snow ploughs are very problematic.

Sara L, whisper that to the weather angels!

Gretchen, actually, my snow boots are in Salt Lake City! - it has been fabulous to see few cars on the road and many on foot. Lots of dogs out too.

Helena and RunCarla, PLEASE. Like right now!

Mtnsofthemoon, Sam is doing GREAT. I’m taking extra care of those tiny little feet. All good. (Love your raincoat. Start a thread on footwear for the rain if you like).

YAY for Sam. He made it look easy.

Seattle has gotten WAY more snow than Boston so far this year, which is insane. But I'm glad you and Sam and Greg are making the best of it! And here's hoping it melts soon.

Holy crap... That weather looks like it'd be fun for about 10 seconds !

Cee, what? Is 10 seconds even one sled ride?

I'm Australian... Just looking at cold hurts me !

LOL! Snowmagedden! I haven’t heard that term used before and I must live in one of the snowiest parts of the USA! I hope the snow eases up soon and that you get some sunshine. I think the snow is pretty to watch as it falls but awful for driving or walking to work.

Sterling, such a tough little dog.

Diana, INSANE is dead right. At this rate I'm moving to a mild Boston

Cee, soooo with you. I'm a tropical girl.

Staysfit, snow is only nice for ONE day. Then I want it at a distance on the mountains.

Good to mix it up every now and then! I have a friend who teaches at an outdoor preschool in Seattle, and her photos of the little ones enjoying this unusual snow are delightful. It's such a novelty for them. Kids here in New England, on the other hand, are all feeling pretty done with winter right now.

La Ped, I'm with the New England kids....

All I know is never eat the yellow snow !

Just now our rain is turning to snow.

I'll bet the kids love it, but it makes it hard for adults to get errands and tasks done! An infrastructure that can handle that kind of snow makes all the difference. We have very good snow removal here, and within 24 hours after a big snowfall, you'd hardly know that anything had happened by looking at how clear the roads are.

Wow! I had no idea. Very challenging. Pretty if you don’t have to be lots of places on time!

My memories of Salt Lake as a kid are that it always seemed sunny on Valentine's, even if there was snow on the ground. We used to run and slide on icy tracks left by cars on the side roads that weren't plowed. By sliding on the side streets we could get to school in record time in the mornings. Now the thought doing that is terrifying.

These are beautiful photos. I hope you have some good weather in Utah.

...and if you see two big black eyes, a big black nose and lots of fangs against a white background, RUN !!

Crazy! Beautiful but crazy. I hope everyone is ok, and there are good plans in place for the homeless and others who need help.

Here in Australia we have had a crazy summer - horrific floods in Far North Queensland, which look like they will have bad impacts for years to come, in terms of damage to the land and stock losses. In Tasmania, there have been unprecedented bush fires to old growth forests that may never fully recover. And the rest of the country has been boiling with record heat....

Yes Lucy, plus those awful fish kills in Menindee. Extremes in weather are not good.

Glad you are coping with your weather extremes Angie. It does look beautiful. And so do you.

Isn't it funny how a little snow can shut down a city not accustomed to it, whereas I have been in upstate CT during a blizzard and the streets are cleared almost as the snow falls. Regardless, I am totally sympathetic with how you feel - snow be gone! Although I must say your pictures are magical and the three of you look glorious in the snow!

The snow is very pretty and your winter style is fabulous as always Angie. Sam must have some husky in him. He is having so much fun. We live in a place that gets an incredible amount of snow. It can be exhausting to walk in it. Fortunately, we have 4 wheel drive and snow tires.

it's funny what a "little" snow can do for cities not prepared for it..on the other hand it it will the winter those kids in your pictures talk about for years.....
(and think of this as the flip side for those un-Seattle like summers you've been enjoying for the past 2 uears)

Wow, I have seen so much snow only in the mountains. Beautiful pictures! I hate Winter but I like snow. Sam is adorable and very elegant. Dogs adore playing in the snow! It seems to energize them. I see you have added to your red collection a little red nose...

Angie, your pictures are beautiful, especially the ones with you and Sam! Your watermelon glasses and Sam’s red coat brighten up the snowy landscape. It must be very frustrating to have the enduring challenge of lots of snow and not enough equipment to move it out of the way. Schools closed for a couple of weeks adds an extra layer of stress for lots of families. For all of your sakes I hope winter in Seattle moves on quickly and spring is right behind it!

So pretty! I love fresh snow. We only got very puny amounts of snow which got immediately washed out by rain. Send some snow over here please, I am really missing it this year. Climate change is real .

Wow, looks more like Michigan than Seattle! It would definitely be hard for a city that doesn't have the resources for that kind of snow. I remember one year my family down in Birmingham AL, they got ice and snow it shut the city down for days, highways and all. What a mess. It has been a crazy winter for sure!

Beautiful pictures. Terriers are much tougher than they look. I imagine my dogs would be happy to get out in the snow because regardless of the weather, they love their daily walk.

Beautiful and crazy! You definitely got more in Seattle than we had in Vancouver but Vancouver's is quite impressive as well and apparently still falling in the next few days. I'm travelling in snow also, in the east. It's everywhere!