Cee, true that.

JAileen, it’s rained here - but still, SO MUCH SNOW.

Gigi and RobinF, how fab to live in a place that clears the snow.

Unfrumped, it’s been interesting….

MsMaven, looking forward to it. Leave Monday to spend two weeks at our loft in SLC - where the snow is CLEARED, and the sun will shine.

Lucy, oh no! Extreme weather is becoming the way of the world. #climatechange

Brooklyn, thank you, and Ms. B would be proud of Warrior Sam.

Shevia, YES. I’ve been in Manhattan during two blizzards. Streets and pavements cleared in 24 hrs. Impressive. Thanks for the kind words.

Style Fan and Mainelady, you’re very sweet. You're prepared for snow, and thanks for the compliments.

kkards, YES. I’m loving the extended hot Seattle Summers. Bonus. #climatechange

Sisi, you crack me up. YES, nose is still red from laser treatment to remove white moles.

Joyce, you can have ALL my snow.

Bijou, TRUE. Terriers are very hardy and need their walks. Sam is a trooper. Small and mighty.

Suz, your turn! Good luck in Kingston.

I am so late here to this thread. You look stunning and Sam is so good. As you say, husky inside. I am pleased that Greg is with you.

Gosh I'm sure that amount of snow has been hard to deal with especially with hills and the streets not being plowed. Here in PA we are used to snow and the townships do a decent job of plowing. We are all out and about soon after a storm. We had an ice storm last week and that is a different matter, I don't venture out until the roads are really well salted in that case haha.

Just reading this, Angie! Holy cow that is a lot of snow for you, and how terrible the lack of plows and such to help the locals deal with it. We are still wading in it here too, and our beautiful white blanketed grounds have turned into mucky and grey piles of yuck after all the sand/salt/rain we've had. BRING SPRING!

Thanks for sharing. Multiple storms in a short time frame are hard enough when there is the expectation of it; tough to imagine when there is no plan for addressing the problem. Doing a “raise the temperature so the snow will melt at a safe pace” dance for you and all in Seattle. Do people even have a snow shovel on hand?

And, regardless of the weather, you, Greg and Sam look great, as ever.

WOW...CRAZY! I can't imagine schools being closed that much. The other day we got 6" and all we got was a delayed start to the school day. We are well equipped to handle snow around here though. It started snowing in mid-December and we haven't seen the green grass since. Burrrrr......

Beautiful! We almost haven't had any snow at all...some, but for a few days only, and I miss it! You all look fab bundled up for such a wetaher, best of all the worlds!:-)

So we had six inches of snow, then over an inch of rain, which melted most of the snow, then a few inches of snow again. Here is Mr Skunky (not his real name) after a walk in the park.

Even though we get snow every year, the city only plows major streets. Our residential street has only been plowed once in 24 years. And that was three weeks after we had three feet of snow. My Honda was marooned in the driveway, and I became the chauffeur in our Jeep, taking our son to school and my husband to work.

Seattle has THAWED. It took more than a week of above freezing temps and lots of rain.

I'm in SLC now. Snow here too, and much colder - but very well managed, and no hills.

JAilleen, Mr. Skunky needs a good thaw too

Holy cow! That's a lot of snow!! It's cute how much Sam loves the snow. I kind of think most dogs do. The portraits of you and Sam are precious!

Sonorous voice over: " The dog of thunder... Mighty Thaw ! "

...Stan Lee respect, baby !