Love this whole look! I just bought some similar boots and was wondering what I was going to wear with them. I might just have to steal this look! You look great!

Fab outfit. The dress " fits" you well even though it's not fitted!

It doesn't highlight your figure but it "does" a lot for you in the stylish department. You put the whole look together extremely well and you've really got that downtown vibe going on. I like it!

Hi Brooklyn --

Super outfit on you!

I will stand firmly in the middle re you and your husband as along with others I noted that amazing jacket gives you a lot of shape. I have a feeling I'd like the dress solo more than he does, though!

[Luckily the jacket's colors aren't great on me or I'd have to challenge Deborah to a wrestling match if you ever tire of it.]

Haha, Brooklyn. We can't wear burgundy alllll the time.

YLF Brooklyn - ditto Vix on the jacket. Deborah is lucky it won't be an all in match

Haha! Thanks again all! Deborah definitely has first dibs on the jacket if ever I get tired of it (not likely!). It would be the least I could do given how much I find myself copying her

Love the dress! There's a time for a formfitting dress, and a time for sumptuous drape and ease! Your look is far from "sack," and it very modern and elegant. I'd love to find a dress like that for our autumn!

Great look. You certainly look stylish going to the gym.

Wow, that jacket is gorgeous, and the tee-shirt-dress is so cool!:-)

The jacket looks great on you. It works very well as a layering piece on your dress.

I love it. I'd copy the whole look.

It's a terrific look! I wish I could pull off a sack dress. On me, they just look like, a sack! :-).