Jumping on the bandwagon with JAileen and Viva, who have posted about trench coats.
I have a London Fog short trench coat in blush that I have enjoyed wearing (it is in the Finds, London Fog Heritage Trench Coat with Detachable Liner). It had a little mishap with the bicycle this week, and it is torn, irreparably. So I'm considering whether to replace it. I've collected some possibilities below.
You may notice that one of these is not blush; it is leopard print. Some are not trenches. I think I like both the color and the style of my torn coat, but then again, I also feel I'm not wedded to a trench style. Or perhaps not to the color, though I do like this particular shade of blush, and I have a whole blush complement of footwear and purses to go with it.
Does anything leap out at you as being very Firecracker?