Hi friends, totally random thoughts being shared here, inspired by Sal's tracking post and her thoughts around how to use the data she's collected. Absolutely nothing new in what I'm saying - but just a different framing that occurred to me that I need to get out so it doesn't keep swirling in my head I also think for me it puts some logic to a more fluid style approach, which always help my rule-seeking brain.

In data analytics there's a sort of mantra: "the right data at the right time in the right way". In other words, the data itself is kind of useless unless you understand what question you are trying to answer, or what problem you are trying to solve.

The weather in Sydney is the weather in Sydney (data). I'm following it now because I'm going there in a few weeks and need to know what to pack (right time, right way), but most of the time it's not relevant to my choices - but it's highly relevant to our Aussie fabbers that live in the area (but not as much if they are on vacation in Canada).

So with personal style. Not right or wrong, but more relevant or not relevant. For example, the data points I personally tend to work with are:

  • what's comfortable (physically and psychologically)
  • what's conventionally flattering
  • what colours are good on me
  • what's classic
  • what's on trend/current in the fashion world
  • what's on trend/current in my social context
... and I'm sure there are more!

On any given day when I choose at outfit, I'm weighting these data points relative to the style 'problem' I'm trying to solve. So for example, today I'm working from home and the comfort data point is paramount. The other data points come into the equation, but they are weighted far lower. However, next weekend I'm going to a birthday event downtown, so physical comfort and classicness will rank lower; psychological comfort, flattery and trends higher. Same data, different picture being created.

To some extent, we are all working with similar data points (not the same, but some commonalities; e.g. what's trendy in fashion writ large, what's available at retail, etc.) but we will have considerable differences too. To a much bigger extent we are all solving different problems at different times and thus will use (or ignore) these data points as make sense. Even as individuals, the inputs are going to change from day to day. Hence the inspiring diversity of our individual styles which is so celebrated at YLF!

Today's WIW: comfort ranks high; other items rank lower. Trendiness was a high data point when I purchased these jeans; classic and colour were high data points when I purchased this sweater and shoes. On balance, the output is a classic casual outfit with a touch of current.

Told you it was nerdy! Thanks for reading if you got this far (and no offence taken if not lol) ... would love to know what your style data points tend to be if you care to share! No right or wrong answers; just individual expression and good fun! x

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