Please don't feel obliged to read or comment if you aren't interested in tracking wears or clothes as I know it isn't for all.

But as of today I have tracked for six months - three months of winter and three months of spring. It was a mild winter and a cool, wet spring which has been challenging. Usually I would have worn my summer dresses a lot more than I have to date, I am still wearing toppers a fair bit.

Data- 26 weeks/6 months

I didn't count bags or hats or other accessories.

Total - 151 items (clothing, shoes, gear, scarves and belts)
Shoes - 19 pairs
Gear - 40 items
Retired from the closet during this time - 6 active pieces that wore out during the six months, and 10 from the out of season closet (eg bikini, summer dress)

Most worn were my running shoes with 97 wears (they did get replaced like for like).

Outside my gear, where lots of pieces got over 15 wears, the pieces that were worn over 15 times in six months are shown below - footwear, casual pants, outerwear and two long sleeve tees. No knitwear, dresses,skirts or other shirts. A fairly standard collection of essentials except for the long wool coat.

Moving forward
- I am not going to track scarves and belts. I wear scarves a lot in winter and very rarely to never in spring and summer. I don't see that changing.
- Perceptions can be differerent to reality - I feel like I always wear my navy boots but I actually wear my Veja sneakers more. This goes for many other pieces too.
- Spending more on footwear, outerwear and jeans/pants is worthwhile but I should be much more wary with tops.
- I won't use the data to edit out anything I haven't worn, but it helps me decide where I should not be adding pieces.
- be wary of different years - a cool spring means I feel like I need more lightweight toppers - but last year and the year prior with hot springs they sat unworn.

Thanks to those who suggested tracking - tt's been fun and I hope to get to one year and then reevaluate.