Being forum members here, I think we can all agree that we care about clothes and style, at various intensity, and for various reasons.

Now about those various reasons... What are yours? Have you ever articulated them into thought? I am curious as to what your "why's" are. Why do you put energy into it? What do you get out of it, personally?

I am starting to understand that the fact that my mind goes blank when I try to answer, is a big reason why I feel how I feel about my own style. Or shall we say "style". You know, that which I am sadly lacking.

For me, whenever in life my social life dwindles, I become more preoccupied with appearances and style. Quite the oxymoron, if dressing and style is about communication and social cues.

I haven't really thought about WHY, just the end result (that I want to look and be fabulous of course). I think doing some digging here would be helpful for me...