This is what I'm wearing at home today. NOW, with nowhere to go but walk Sam four times a day from our loft in downtown Seattle. No grocery runs for a while either. We are staying home very, very seriously to help the Seattle healthcare system, who has been in the thick of it for a while.

Today is "Doctor's Day", and Sam and I BOW DOWN to them and ALL healthcare workers for fearlessly and selflessly doing their jobs. Words cannot express my gratitude. I respectfully chose neutrals for my serious, less playful, appreciative, and pensive mood.

  • Wearing a double thick Heattech thermal tee under the classic polka dot shirt to stay warm. Very effective!
  • Trendy tan carrot pants - which I also have in olive. The idea was to return a pair. But I did not have the heart in these strained retail times. But I love both pairs so it's good
  • AT HOME ONLY chunky Seinfeld sneakers make my feet happy. Supported.
  • Trench coat for Spring showers, and white Furla

Changed into rubber wellies because it's wet and windy outside.....and we got caught in a blasted hail storm

But I am looking upward with my hand on my heart. Always calm, positive, hopeful, and grateful. And will bang my heart out on pots and pans outside on our balcony at 8pm tonight in appreciation for our healthcare workers. We have that tradition in Seattle, and it rocks! xo