Beautiful neutrals, Angie. Uplifting energy coming from you and Sam. The pants are perfect for you.

Very nice! I'm glad you're still rocking a fab look even while staying in!

Those pants are super cute on you. I don't think just anyone can wear that particular style. You rock! Yeasssss to all the Health Care workers and ancillary staff!!!! ( I was a hospital social worker - NICU and PICU - earlier in my career so my heart aches for those who are risking themselves to care for others). Your posts are uplifting and I soooo appreciate your style while at home, while I am a total slob - hahaha

Wow, you are both so adorable. What a great outfit, Angie. I love that coat, with the white topstitching. Looking sharp!

ChristelJ, lovely to see you chime in again, and go Team Polka Dots!

Carla, it’s like a game we play. How long can we go without going grocery shopping……? Yay Team '80s!

Style Fan, I can see you in these pant. Your colour and silhouette.

Leandra, it keeps my morale high.

mtnsofthemoon, bless your social working heart! I bet you look more fab than you think

Sharan, missed seeing you here! Thank you.

I like the grocery store game too We go monthly, except for perishables. Which DH an excuse to get more of his 4 major food groups (chocolate, chips, cookies, energy drinks).

Gorgeous serious neutrals, but Sam and the dots make the outfit really cheerful and fresh!

Thanks, Lyn67! Sam is the best little model.

Suntiger, we support three of those food groups.

Me too- no energy drinks for me, but I'm not the one slogging through a dissertation either!

No it's not. And great for cake too.....