I was on the phone calling, talking and texting to the Netherlands and London pretty much from 5am to 11am this morning sorting things out for my Dad. It was quite hectic. By noon, I was ready to go back to bed! I'm tired.

So ....... this is what I chose to wear today to stay at home, walk Sam, work, organize, clean, and cook. Blue for my blue mood, and dots to desperately perk me up. It worked for a while

It's cool, grey and rainy in Seattle. I chose a range of toppers, and am layered up for outside. I wear my 12 year old white leather jacket under my Hobbs trench very comfortably. And the raincoat in the down pour. My specs misted up sooooo much in the pouring rain while wearing a mask, I had to take them off to see. I have a better mask and will use that tomorrow when it's clean.

You know my quarantine drill ......styled hair, make-up, at home sneakers..... blah, blah, bah..!

Not my usual upbeat and energetic self today. The pics don't lie! Bad hair day too. Oh well! Onward we go. Always.

Sam is on partial modeling strike and demanding extended playtime. I gave in to his strike.

Thanks for looking. We need comforting mac 'n cheese tonight xo