You look great! I love the polka dot blouse. I hope your dad is doing ok. Being away from elderly parents can be really hard right now. I have a good friend whose mother has Alzheimer's and lives in a nursing home that is in a complete lockdown - they haven't seen her in weeks. Then one of his aunt's was in a home that turned into a Covid-19 hot spot. She's okay but it's been very stressful.

You might be feeling tired and desperate, but your outfit is lively and full of energy!

I cannot imagine what you’re going through, with your dad so far away. I’m sending all my good vibes and best wishes to you and your dad ❤️❤️❤️

Angie- my heart is with you as you navigate tending your father from afar. Sounds complex and worrisome. My friends who also are caregivers for their elders, even locally, report feeling helpless due to visiting restrictions and the concerns for what it means to access care currently.

Your dedication to daily routine and self care is inspirational. I love the cropped denim and that blazer is a hefty dose of needed spring. You wear these looks so well. Hoping today is a better one and that you got some rest.

So sorry it was such a stressful morning. I can’t imagine caring for a parent on another continent right now. I hope you get some rest and enjoy that comfort dinner tonight.

Outfit just as beautiful and inspiring as always. FWIW, I really like your hair a teensy bit wilder like this - it’s still quite polished looking to my eye.

You look GREAT, Angie. Love those jeans.....such a statement.

Sweet Sam. My pup lays beside my husband from 7 AM to 3 PM while he works from home. He rarely leaves his side except to go to the back yard or for a walk with me. Those two are VERY co-dependent. LOL

Sorry about your dad. I completely understand how draining and stressful it is. It wears you down. Life is stressful enough right now without extra concerns. We continue to be stressed about my MIL. She's currently in hospital and they are so busy we're getting little information.

Thanks for sharing these every day Angie - I know it's not easy. I appreciate you sharing even when your mood is low - in fact I appreciate this the most because I can so relate some days It is -2 in Toronto and despite my usually upbeat and grateful personality, I am just sick of the cold and a bit miserable. Maybe I should wear a bright colour to perk me up too...

Oh, Angie, I'm so sorry you had a difficult day. (((Hugs))) You look terrific. I hope your style helped you cope with the challenges your day brought.

If this is you on a bad day, I want to be you. You look amazing in those jeans and the beautiful floral Boden jacket.

Sorry you had such a hard day, hope today is better! But you look great anyway! I think I like it most with the white jacket!

I LOVE THIS SO MUCH!! It makes my maximal heart sing!

Hugs to you, Angie! Hope you are feeling better soon!

I’m sorry you’re having such a hard time helping your father from so far away. I’m sure you’re tired, but you don’t look desperate! It’s actually a cute outfit. And Sam of course takes the cake.

You have revealed the true superpower that lies in great outfits with Mac-n-cheese on the side. That combo will carry you through all adversity! Sending you much admiration and a virtual big hug.

Those pants are so great and I love the flower blazer with the navy dot knit. Your trench is fab, too. I think this is one of my favorites of your outfits. So versatile!

(Fixed my typos. Sorry about that).

Thank you ALL sooo much for the awfully kind words, compliments, and good wishes. I appreciate them very much! Thanks for being awfully nice. It helps relieve stress for sure.

*virtual hugs*

Karen13, I AM proud of your well dressed MIL.

Phoebe, thank you! Unfortunately, I tried this tip a month ago, and it didn’t help.

Joy, Bijou and Jaime, Sam always cheers me up! Dogs are therapeutic.

Suz, HIGH FIVE on wearing old blue things. You look super cute as always. Good to see you again

Taylor, stress makes you more tired, doesn’t it? I feel more energetic today, thankfully. Adrenalin!

Style Fan, YES. That’s a painting of Jimi Hendrix I had commissioned for Greg. We LOVE Jimi too. You are blessed to have seen him. We live in Seattle though. Next best thing

Inge and Laura, much love back. xo

Marilyn, I have been thinking about your MIL. Soooo hard and stressful. Sending healing thoughts, much love, and strength.

Sal, ChristelJ, Preppy Pear, Xtabay and Gail, I made great cauliflower mac ’n cheese! Here are the pics:

Oh I can see why you like white so much. It really perks you up! Very much enjoying the blue and white outfit.
Hopefully you’re less tired now and there is some good walking weather for you to enjoy today. Take care.

Oh le creuset! My dream, but in red!

You might not be feeling snazzy but you are looking it!Times are tough ,you are bound to have days like this when the distance between you and loved ones feels at its greatest but continue to be kind to yourself,have a nap in the day if you need one.Tomorrow is another day and things may well look different by then.

Smittie, go Team Blue & White! And Team Le Creuset

Style Fan, wooohoooo!

Cardiff girl, things were better today. Thank you.

Continued good wishes for your dad and hopefully the travelling restrictions get lifted ASAP

...and that tucker looks like hell on a plate !

I know I'm late to this post. I don't always see them in order. You look so great in that outfit, who could tell it was a blue day? I love the polka dots and the buttons on the jeans, and the white jacket and white topstitching on the coat--it's all so coordinated and attractive together. Sam looks pensive! And cauliflower mac and cheese is just the ticket! Hugs to you, Angie. I know it's hard to be so far away. Your challenge is about 6 time zones different than what I face.

Ditto FC. I’d like to look as good as you on a bad day. I’m sorry that you are having a rough time. I hope the mac and cheese helped. Sending you virtual hugs!

Thanks for the sweet wishes and compliments, ladies. Virtual hugs back

Hugs and prayers, Angie. I cannot imagine managing an elderly parent`s care not only remotely, but also overseas. It is hard enough locally and in person. Sincerely wishing you, your dad, and your family the best possible outcome.

Thanks for the sweet words, Column.