This is what I'm wearing today to stay at home, do lots of stuff at home, and walk Sam!

The state of Washington - (Seattle is in Washington state for those not in the US) - is not lifting its "stay at home" order next week. It's going to be a while for us. Washington is reopening its economy VERY slowly with California and Oregon, in phases, and with lots of restrictions in place along the way.

So it's my quarantine style at the Cox Castle with my boys for longer! I've been posting my stay at home outfits for 6 I shan't repeat the boring drill.

Modelling is not natural for me. I'm glad I'm not an outfit blogger. Sam is a natural. He needs his own blog

My growing hair will be Birds Nest Chic by the time I have it cut....... eventually.

I chose a very simple and streamlined Spring outfit formula today because I was in a simple mood:

Trousers + Pullover + Blazer + Sneakers + Crossbody

Actually, most of what is in my wardrobe is simple if you look at it item for item, so I had a lot to choose from! It's the colours, and how the items are combined in an outfit that give the items an interesting integrity.

Here, the items I'm wearing are not only simple and fairly classic, but the quality is exceptional. Beautiful workmanship and fabrics. I LOVE THAT SO MUCH! I have washed the BR citron pullover many times in the machine at home - flawless. The Theory pants are one of the best I own. The Joie blazer is an understated showpiece, and the Furlas speak for themselves. The Eccos are exceptionally well made too.

Which Furla did I choose?

Thanks for looking! Off to take Sam out and make fried rice with leftovers. xo