Denise, another comment that cracked me up - and was so sweet!

Love this simple classic quality look but with the yellow to make it very Angie. And I agree re the poses - you manage to inject your personality into photos which is something I struggle with.

And you have perfect teeth

Sal, you are gracious and look fab in pics!

Suntiger, my bottom teeth are not perfectly straight

Love seeing your spring outfits. I've been craving more color and am tired of my grays and blacks. This outfit is so fresh and fun.

Angie, I absolutely love this look. I'm wondering if you can offer advice on the fit of the pants. I have lost 10 pounds over the past several months, and now all of my 4P pants are too big (most BR Sloans). I've been hesitant to purchase anything until shelter-in-place is over. But the trousers are so nice and of course they are deeply discounted. I'm not sure whether to buy a 2 or a 0. I imagine I would wear a 2P, if they came in petite sizing, but I'm unsure about regular sizing. Thanks for your help!

Thanks, sweet Bonnie. Have fun breaking out the colour

Sarah, of course I can help with the pants fit! I don't think Theory does petites, unfortunately. I usually wear a US0 in Theory, but the brand is running big this season, and a US00 fits better. My body though, is exactly the same, so it's definitely a fit change. These are a US00. Maybe try a US0. Very hemmable. They are NOT suppose to be skinny!

Let me know how it goes!

You and Sam are both naturals at modeling! I so enjoy seeing your sunny and bright outfits (and outfit poses!) every day.

I know it's driving you batty, but I'm loving your longer hair! It looks fab! And Sam is just killing it in #6! [insert heart-eyed emoji]

Karie and Lucy, you are both soooo lovely! Thank you

Lovely colours. Look very springy. I love the texture of your pullover and have a similar one in burgundy, which I liked to wear last fall and winter, but for spring and summer I prefer lighter/brighter colours.

Thanks,The Cat. Nice to see you chime in, and I hope your parents are okay.

Oh, thank you for remembering my parents, sweet Angie. That really is impressing and heartwarming. My parents are very brave and do not complain. But I know certain things are difficult for them, and I so wish I could be there and give them a helping hand.

Warm wishes for your father, Greg's father, you, Greg and Sam.

The Cat, I'm sure you are being great support from afar.

Gorgeous blazer. A denim blazer is so perfect. Well, it is for my wardrobe. I love how you put your pieces together.