This is what I'm wearing work, cook, do chores, scrub the house, and take Sam on walks. We are committed to staying at home to help Seattle maintain its flattened COVID-19 curve. It's working.

I have a sore back - (injury from a fall four months ago) - AND, was very unmotivated to do my PT exercises this morning. I am sick of their monotony, although they do help. I did not do them. Oh, well. Tomorrow is another day.....

I clean and sanitize our loft home every afternoon. It's calming, controlling, and I find it therapeutic. Every Friday afternoon in isolation, I SCRUB the house extra vigorously. So today was about finding a practical outfit that was scrub-friendly. I chose wide leg jeans and a very old short and fitted twinset. I pop a huge apron over the top and wear gloves as I scrub. The activity actually helped my back feel better!

After yesterday's slim jeans, I was all too happy to wear bottoms with a roomy fit. I have become intolerant of jeans and pants fabric grabbing onto my legs too tightly. Loathe wearing my yoga leggings - (what's new pussy cat? ) - but it is what it is. They work best for working out.

The daily drill for my AT HOME LOOK: shower, styled hair and make-up, an outfit that panders to my feelings when I get dressed, at home only sneakers, and some important accessories.

YES. I scrub in my pearls.

Two toppers here. Very old leather jacket for the milder part of the day, and an even older coat for the colder part. Casual crossbody.

It will soon be mandatory to wear masks around here. They are impossible to buy at the moment, of course. So I've been walking Sam with a makeshift scarf mask since that's all I have. I can't sew one - no machine - nor do I have hair elastics - or any elastic - to make one. So this is it for now. Greg bought fabric masks so we will hopefully have them soon. Then we can wash and wear clean ones daily.

CEO Sam is keeping a watchful eye on me.

Thanks for looking. I'm off to cook halibut and veggies for supper, and take Sam out again. Have a lovely weekend! xo