Thanks so much for the kind words, and making me laugh too! Much appreciated.

*lots of affectionate air hugs*

To Preppy Pear and Kathie's point, I would not have worn this if I was scrubbing with bleach. But I'm cleaning bleach-free with a HUGE apron and gloves. And then there's my super power of somehow staying clean

Jules, Cardiff Girl and Lisa P, thanks for the thoughtful words about my PT routine. I did my exercises this morning! And powered through the boredom. It DOES help. I'll do yoga tomorrow.

Joyce, Sam is put out by my mask. Can't give me kisses

Carla, good for you!

Laura, I have pearl priorities.

Taylor and Bijou, go Team Wear Jewels with Chores!

Rachy, a good option. Thank you.

I remember your multi-coloured twinset, and I love your chic "scrubbing outfit," including the pearls. I do housework in similar outfits.

Glad your pt was better today. You have done so well to manage such consistency with them so far. Most people don't. I am in awe that you didn't get the legs wet on those jeans!
Long and remembering the twins et.

What a great outfit and fantastic silhouette on you Angie! I would never be able to clean in it but I don't have your super power even one little bit. So good that you have a structure to your day and that Sam gets you out. I wonder if everyone is not suffering a bit from Vitamin D deficiency - which is also important for fighting viruses. I am trying to get my family to take supplements but it is not as easy as it sounds .

Omg. I can not. I just can not. Even when I clean with non bleach cleaners, I end up with cleaner all over me, and stuff gets ruined.

You remind me, in the very best way, of the photos from the “Old days” when you’d see pictures of women vacuuming in lovely dresses and heels. Wish I could be that person, humbled that I know someone who is that person

You are too gorgeous! Shiny as an apple cheeks amid all this chaos. I will have to up my cleaning outfit game, but I still don't think I'll enjoy it.
I popped out the sewing machine this weekend to make masks and lo and behold it does not work. I ordered a new one because I have a huge stash of fabric.

Way too nice for cleaning, and yes your legs look miles long! Love your aqua/turquoise jacket and bag!
Love your doggie pics on the walls too


Anne, I'm trying......

Jaime, walking a doggie daily gives you some vitamin D. You're dead right about it being very important!

Thanks so much for the sweet compliments.

*air hugs*

The colour of that crossbody is SO beautiful. YLF, as always!

You know Angie am the happiest of them all when able to see your wiw posts I so missed for years in the past!!! Please keep you good habit, we love your lively, bright and stylish outfits! This is the most arty twin set in the world, and I just love you in wide hems and sneakers.

Thanks for being so nice, ladies! xo

You look significantly more put together than I do when I clean - luckily I have teen/tween boys that help clean house now (no house cleaner during shelter in place). We're moving towards mandatory face masks as well although I think they're just highly recommended right now. My awesome neighbor is sewing them for everyone in our neighborhood using leftover fabric from past sewing projects. I'm so thankful for her.

Gasp! I remember that twinset! I had only been following YLF for a few months and it was the first time I truly connected to the blog. I later went back to purchase it, but it was sold out.

I’m swooning over your sweater set. I’m so happy to see your outfits on the forum.

That twinset! An Angie classic. It is so beautiful with this pair of jeans--what an inspired choice. The silhouette is fantastic, and I love the medium wash denim with the tones in the sweater set. And of course, the pearls really finish the outfit.

Oh, Sharan and Barbara Diane, you are both such nice and lovely ladies. Thank you.

Sara, teen boys come in handy

Your legs look 100 miles long! Love all your fancy posing. I’m not surprised floor scrubbing helped your back. What an alternative to the other exercises! Stay well.

You look more put together to do household sanitizing than most here look heading to work downtown. Always fabulous Angie. I never tire of that twinset; great color combination and so perfect for you. Appreciate how you assemble outfits with a blend of current and more classic pieces. Makes it all look deliberate.

Thanks for the kind words, and support, ladies