This is me today, a little dressier than yesterday, in our Seattle home. Didn't wear my fuzzy trucker out - just inside for a bit because, why not? I felt like it

First of all: AT-HOME-ONLY PRETTY SNEAKERS ARE THE BOMB. Best sheltering and isolating style decision I've made. Game changer, so high five Becky. My feet feel soooo much more supported, and my outfit feels complete. (These shoes do NOT go outside because we don't wear outside shoes in the house).

Every clothing item here is new in 2020:

  • Sailor jeans with cropped citron sweater to showcase the buttons
  • Fuzzy trucker, pink Furla, and pink sneaks soften the sour bright and dark blue
  • Red specs, watch, pearls and make-up daily because I like glam! It makes absolutely no difference that I have nowhere to go but take Sam on his walks.
  • Styled hair that needs a trim, so am tucking the sides behind my ears. Ears can come in handy....

And guess what. Today I was able to do tree pose for the first time after 4 months since my fall - with little Sam in tow. I'm on the mend.