So glad you are finding your mobility again. It takes a long time to fix things, though, doesn't it?

Fun outfit, so "you". I have 3 of those BR sweaters at your recommendation, and am loving them - dressier than sweatshirts, but just as comfortable. The citron was seriously not good on me, so I will enjoy it on you! (I wore the light blue one recently and Lou said, "that's nice. You never wear colors.")

Wow, citron sweater look amazing on you. That blue jeans are terrific. You and Sam look so happy and I am glad to see that. Stay safe and in good mood.

Love the fuzzy trucker jacket and happy to hear you are on the mend.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Your outfit posts are such a ray of sunshine. I’m inspired to bring out my brightest outfits.

I've done the at home only sneaker (brooks dyad clunky gym shoe) thing for years. Necessity is the mother of invention. I always have an inside pair and an outside pair.

But....I ordered those pink Eccos and they are supposed to arrive today!! I know I love the shoe because I have the black quilted ones from 2 years ago. I hope I can get enough use out of the pink ones. Since I mostly wear black pants I'm not sure. But, maybe this summer I will try a casual dress or something.

Quick you wear socks with them? A no-show pair? I can't stand to wear shoes without socks.

Thanks for starting off my day with happy colors and a beautiful smile.You inspire me try new and brighter combinations.

Angie- you make me smile. So fun! You look amazing in this outfit. Rock on and stay well.

You look fabulous, Angie! LOVE you in citron so much! Nobody wears it better than you. Those jeans are equally terrific. I'm very tempted by them!

Happy citron- and love your Sam in a tree pose Glad you're on the mend!

ANGIE! I am so happy to see outfit posts from you again! You look FAB!!!

I love seeing these daily outfit posts - please keep them coming ! This is another great look, and although I haven't been a personal fan of the Ecco 7's, I'm starting to really like them. And ,most importantly, hurray for being able to get your yoga mojo back - that must make you really happy

Sooo much niceness, that's good for our the souls....

THANK YOU all very much! You make me blush…..and laugh. I'm glad you like me posting my outfits, I will try to keep it up

Deb, great to see you chime in. I follow you in Instagram too.

Celia and Laurie, YAY! BR has been on fire the last six months, and I’m waving at my cropped sweater twins. Very glad they haven’t pilled. Perfect with wide crops.

Peri, no socks. Barefoot in the Summer and knee-highs now.

Suz, you would love the sailor jeans

MsMary, lovely to see you chime in.

Super cute. Love the bright - cheery colors. Two thumbs up for Tree pose!!. I love how attentive Sam is while posing. He is a pro! Here is to more progress in your recovery (clapping hands). Love the fun pics! Thanks for sharing.

Love,especially the colours.The light blue and citron are a lovely uplifting combination for the spring with abit more punch than the traditional pastels alone.

Now that is a sunny, happy outfit if there ever was one!!!
And hurrah for tree pose, so glad you're feeling so much better, my sweet friend!

Super to see that you healing Angie. Well done with sticking with the PT.

Super colours Angie! And Sam and is adore you.

Thank you soooo much for the awfully kind words! I'm giddy hearing them.

You are so beautiful and this outfit is perfection. I am glad you
Are on the mend!
Sam is the perfect accessory for this outfit,

Debbie! Soooo lovely to see you chime in. You are a sweetheart as always.