This is what I'm wearing today. At home, and nowhere to go but walk Sam four times a day in our GLORIOUS Spring weather. I can't remember a Seattle Spring as beautiful as right now. Daytime highs of 16C - 20C with lots of sun and blue sky. It HELPS in all this uncertainty and anxiety.

I was stressed early this morning. My Dad is still unwell, and recovery is not fast. But his spirits are good, he never complains, and he's getting good care in hospital. He has a small village looking out for him, for which I am VERY grateful. Hopefully, he'll feel better soon.

One way I combat anxiety is by choosing a bright, playful and pretty outfit. Some people choose neutral tough hard edge to feel powerful and strong - and I choose soft, pretty and bright to feel powerful and strong. Horses for courses, always

Hence, I chose my favourite swooshy Spring skirt, a top in a happy colour, and a denim jacket with pretty pink embroideries. I am ALWAYS comfortable, and don't wear clothes or shoes that are not.

The daily drill for my AT HOME LOOK: shower, hair that is harder and harder to style but effectively trimmed by Greg!, some make-up, an outfit that panders to my feelings when I get dressed, at home only sneakers, and some important accessories.

Mask for outside, and I swapped out my bag for Sam's afternoon walk because it was already downstairs.

I'm feeling much calmer! My chin is UP. I’m strong and centered.


Thanks for looking. I'm off to bake another flourless apple cake because the one I winged last week was a huge success - was gone fast - and we want another! I hope to get the recipe out soon. Sam needs his third walk, and then it's back to sanitizing....