So sorry to hear that your dear Papa is still feeling poorly but it sounds like he is in a good place for care. Sam looks like he does not understand the mask wearing or wants one too. I love the power skirt with your bright daffodil sweater. Send that lovely weather this way. The whole week will be record-breaking cold with lots of new snow, but today the sky is blue and the sun is out. Maggie is limping badly this morning so no walks.

I hope you dear Dad recovers soon and is back to his routine.
Lovely outfit for strength. Your yellow is my red, that is what I wear for strength.

Love this- it's one of my favorites Best wishes for your dad's recovery too!

I’m wishing your dear dad a smooth and complete recovery. Healing does take time.
I love your cheerful and energetic outfit! The denim jacket with the flowers is the perfect topper to match your skirt and the fabulous spring weather!

Just a quick note to say I'm thinking of you and your Dad and hoping he is feeling better soon. Your lovely outfits lately full of color would certainly lift his spirits. :-).

Wonderful Spring outfit. I hope your dad gets better soon!

What a gorgeously bright and uplifting outfit! Looking fab as always, Angie.

So sorry to hear about your dad. I can commiserate. My MIL is 93 and her legs have just stopped working.....progression of dementia/alzheimers. She can't remain in the home she is in because they require their residents to be ambulatory. The timing couldn't be worse and we have no idea what's going to happen with her and how. Also, we're in different provinces and the border is closed. Stressful!

Would love to see some of your favourite healthy recipes posted.

Also, what is on your condo floors? I admire it every time you post WIW's. The colour is gorgeous....looks like wide strips of something. My home needs new flooring. Of course I can't currently shop but I can plan.

Angie - we are still okay here. Miraculously. everyone I know is well, as far as I have heard. I hope your father is out of the hospital soon!

Oh, my word. Thanks SO much for the compassion and empathy for my Dad. Your soothing and kind comments mean a lot. If my brother and I were allowed to travel - of course, we'd be by his bedside. Obviously, that is impossible with COVID-19. I hope to see Dad in the Summer.

UPDATE: All things considered, Dad is doing okay in hospital today. He is receiving great care.

Slim Cat, you are sooo gracious. Good light does good things for your skin in photos. I have dermatitis!

Elle, yay!

Carla, god away snow. Aren’t pleated skirts fun!

Jaime, I’m with you on optimistic yellow…..

Lisa P, you are right. We all have to do WHATEVER keeps our spirits up. I found my outfit helped quite a bit.

Kelly, you are sweet, and the apple cake recipe is live in Off Topic.

Suz, of course, CEO Sam steals the show! Yes, the blush sneakers are especially matchy-matchy

Brooklyn, YES. I’ve designated THREE pairs of unworn duplicated sneakers to AT HOME ONLY. The sneakers that you see in the outfits do not go outside. I change into these sneakers when I go out:

bonnie and Bijou, I’m humbled to have inspired your quarantine styles. WOOHOOO!

Cindy, YES, Sam is sooo adorable, I can barely stand it….

Nemosmom and Janet, you are as gracious as ever.

kkards, if we can’t stay positive, what is the point, right? Thank you!

Staysfit, from one colour gal to another - HIGH FIVE! Like the sound of you fun video lippie

Sarah, virtual hugs back.

Inge, thanks my sweet and wonderful friend. Your support is a gift.

Lyn67, no video chats unfortunately, but what a sweet suggestion. I can phone the ward, thankfully. The nurses are GREAT.

Pill, I LOVE TULIPS! My fave.

Joy, go away snow! AWFUL. Hang in there! The mask gets in the way of kisses, and Sam is not impressed….

Joyce, YES. I also happily bat for Team Red.

Suntiger, a skirt to make you happy!

Mainelady, I can see you in the denim jacket!

Texstyle, my Dad does like a colourful outfit - and dresses and skirts. He’d like this one!


Marilyn, OH NO! How stressful REALLY hope you find a solution for MIL. Sorry the timing is just so blasted rotten.Good luck! Flourless apple cake recipe posted. As for our floors - the loft came with them. Some sort of wooden tile? We will replace it all when we remodel.

Christina, you are blessed. Keep it that way!

Thinking of you and your family Angie. I am so sorry for the separation that the virus is causing.

It is a gorgeous skirt! And I wore a pleated skirt too today, following your lead. Thank you for the inspiration.

I am sure that your Dad must be so cheered up by pictures, and live video, of you looking like this every day. A tonic!

There is literally no one more bright and cheerful than you in any aspect of my current life. Grazie!

Thinking of you Angie during these times. Definitely tough with your Dad being unwell and I am pleased he has great care.

This skirt and outfit is just lovely on you. As others have said - a ray of sunshine.

You really look fabulous--and young! I can't believe you are 50 this year ... And Sam is ever adoring.

Best wishes for your dad, Angie. I know how frustrating it feels to be unable to be with loved ones when they need you. I am worried for my parents (87 and nearly 90). They are having a difficult time now with mimimal help, but are so brave and never complain. Somehow, it seems to me that many from the oldest generations manage the present situation better than younger ones. Having been through World War II and many other difficulties in life seem to have made them stronger.

My very best to your dad, Angie and to all going through health concerns during this bastard of a time.

Jane, you are so nice. Go Team Pleated Skirts!

Laurie, if only I could send my Dad pics. No cell phone. Thanks for the gracious words!

Sal, you are so lovely

The Cat, you are SOOOO right. The generation of our parents - Papa is 88 - is very, very tough. They lived through WW2 and had nothing for a long time. My Dad never complains. I hope your parents find enough support and care. It's very worrying. Best of luck to you and them. xo

Cee, thank you.

Go, Team Dutch !

What a wonderful, cheery look to pull you out of the doldrums! Thoughts and prayers for your Papa's speedy healing.

Beautiful Angie! Hugs to you.

Thanks, ladies. You are fabulous

Here's hoping your dad is doing OK.

Maxi skirts & long or 3/4 sleeved tops is becoming a key silhouette in my wardrobe - need to track down more pleated ones like yours! I love that shade of yellow (on you) but for some reason I don't have it in a long sleeved top - will add it to the list for a post-virus shop!