This is what I'm wearing today. Casual, trendy and preppy. Nowhere to go but walk Sam four times a day. With a mask. Which I forgot to photograph with my outfit.

Work, chores, cleaning, texting, news watching, cooking, checking in on two Dads and others.......and ready to relax in loungewear in a bit.

Spring has sprung in Seattle, and we're having gorgeous weather! I felt like wearing a bright colour today. Shocking, I know......

The daily drill for my AT HOME LOOK: shower, styled hair and make-up, an outfit that panders to my feelings when I get dressed, at home only sneakers, and some important accessories.

I bet you don't notice my pearls anymore. I wear them EVERY DAY. They are part of me.

I LOVE wide crops!

I LOVE stripes!

I LOVE red!

I LOVE sneakers!

I LOVE Sam! And Greg....

I don't enjoy doing yoga in isolation with a laptop nearly as much. I miss the real class setting a lot

I don't like how my specs mist up wearing a mask, but don't mind the mask. It's comfortable.

I could do with a haircut since this is week 9, and I have my hair cut every 6 weeks. Oh well! It's only hair. I have a cut scheduled in 6 weeks.

Which bag did I choose with this outfit?

Thanks for looking. Off to walk Sam, sanitize, and vacuum. Easy leftovers for supper tonight.

Stay home, stay strong, stay calm, and stay positive. xo