I tried the folded tissue tip for mask wearing with glasses and it helped a lot. Just folded a Kleenex up to about an inch wide and tucked in the top f the mask over the bridge of my nose. I haven’t tried the other tips on soap solution but they make sense


You look A D O R A B LE !
Bright and fun:

Thank you soooo much, ladies! I will be back to comment fully on your kind comments later...

Love the stripes on the sleeves! I like the dotted bag the most with it, but know you like crossbodies when having your walking meetings w the CEO

Gorgeous Angie, so fresh and spring like.

I’m back. Where does the time go???

Thanks soooo much, everyone! I appreciate you taking the time to comment.

Sweet Joy, thanks for noticing my pearls....

Jaileen, glad to hear it!

bonnie, fun coincidence.

Slim cat, Kelly, ChristelJ, Janet, Lyn67, and Jaime, thanks for your ongoing gracious words - and you are dead right about Sam!

Rachy, you'll be in wide crops this year

Lisa P, that’s an extreme yet sensible strategy!

Inge, stripes just for you, my sweet friend

Becky, you will rock sailor pants. Try them!

Laura, you are wise and wonderful as always.

Karen13, I tried that! Thank you. Didn’t work. What am I doing wrong?

Your shelter-in-place style game is incredible!

I love the polka dot bag with the striped top. Super cute outfit!

My hair is long enough to go extra without any problems but haircuts for my boys will be an issue in a couple weeks. Luckily they all got haircuts right before the schools closed.

Thanks, Cindy

Sara, long hair is great for Corona-Style.