This is what I'm wearing today. IN LINE with today's blog post. Wearing exactly what I posted. #authenticstyle

At home. Nowhere to go but walk Sam (...with a mask....but not photographed). No grocery shopping either. We can go another five days, although I've run out of flour. I made a great flourless apple cake yesterday, though. I used whatever I had to grind up as flour. LOVE being creative in the kitchen.

This morning was stressful. My sweet Dad is unwell (it's not the virus, thank goodness). Doctor made a house call ....(they still do that in my Dad's area in the Netherlands). He's doing better. I spent a lot of the morning on calls and texts to carers, his neighbour, the nurse, and my brother. Three countries in the mix, and a time zone difference......and so it goes....

Amidst the stress, I chose today's blog post to dress me. Easy! This is my version of avant-garde. Both the jeans and tunic are COS. I actually have a lot of COS in my wardrobe, but I'm not a COS vibe dresser, IYKWIM. But I keep the look "just structured enough", crisp, and add the pretty - which makes me happy.

I had to choose the sneakers here because I'm at home and wearing at home-only shoes! But in regular life, I'd have chosen my dainty white loafers or ballet flats with this look. Prettier, which is more my jam.

The daily drill for my AT HOME LOOK: shower, hair that is harder and harder to style, make-up, an outfit that panders to my feelings when I get dressed, at home only sneakers, and some important accessories.

It's a LOVELY Spring day. Mild and sunny! Still need a topper and of course, I'm wearing a camisole. But no need for knee-highs or socks. First time this year. WOOOHOOO! Bring on the heat. I even pranced around barefoot for a while.

The dress is four years old. Jeans and jacket are last year. Bag is this year. The bag coverts into a crossbody so fab for walking Sam.

On that note, I'm off to walk and bath our CEO, sanitize, and cook. Thanks for looking. I'm feeling much less stressed this afternoon. Cooking will relax me further.