Lovely Angie - another therapeutic post. Thank you.

The structure of that dress is tremendous, and you look amazing. The photo of dress on the model is nothing like what happens when you wear this piece! Someday when we see each other again in person and I do a shopping session with you, please find me something structured and avant guard that I would never be able to choose on my own. Now I have something to look forward to!

Sending strength and patience and grace to work through these issues with your father. Hoping for rapid improvement of his health.


Oh my word, you are all SOOOO NICE. Thank you very much for your kind and compassionate words. They make a difference.

UPDATE: I spoke to my Dad, and he seems better today. Fragile but in good spirits. The dear sweet man never complains. The carers and a saint of a neighbour are doing a great job. I have faith in them.

Oh Angie, I can imagine how difficult it is to be away from your sweet dad right now. I am sorry to hear he is unwell (glad it's not the virus!) and hope he is on the mend very soon.

Sending you big big hugs.

ETA -- you look amazing (as always)! Love the pic of you and Sam in #8!

*runs away with pretty teal dress*

Sam appreciates his compliments too!

I hope your families and parents far away are doing okay too. It’s hard to not be worried about them. I get it by a billion percent.

Really appreciate Staysfit, Janet, Brooklyn, Bijou, Joy and Jaime identifying that is not a signature look for my style, but that by fine tuning the details, it looks like “me”. That is high praise, and what it’s all about....really.

Suz, you are too kind about the growing mess on my head. Glad the shampoo and rinse solved your hair challenge. I think any flat iron will do…

Smittie, the Everlane jeans are similar! Good memory. I second your navy chinos purchase.

Lisa P, it’s a very versatile pink jacket for my style! The dress is a dark olive green, and I can see you in it. And did hubs cut your hair?

Kelly, your are soo gracious to say that. Hugs!

Anne and Anchie, I like the version without the jacket too!

Jaime, HAH! Now I can cook Passover dessert. And yes - SEATTLE IS STRONG. We have been at it longer and are very obedient.

Zaeobi, YES. The "shalwar kameez & kurti" is a master class in this look! I know you wear it well.

Kate, waving at my dress twin! It’s quite the work of art.

Laurie, I will look forward to that day! Fun.

Nemosmom, you can borrow my olive dress if you bring me tea and cake….

I love it, Angie. I'm sorry to hear about your dad. I well remember that flurry of phone calls and text messages from when my own dad was going through a medical crisis, just on the other side of the country. It's so draining. You're a wonderful daughter, and your positive energy is contagious, even with social distancing.

I adore this, Angie. The volume on volume is fantastic, and that dress is so cool.

I’m so sorry to hear your Dad is feeling poorly. Hoping for a quick recovery for him! <3

Super cool outfit, Angie. I love the indoor version, and the one with the jacket and bag. And pic #8 looks like a magazine cover!! You are so talented and creative. Good job, managing things with your dad from afar. I know how it goes, albeit at a shorter distance in my case. Yes, #wegotthis

Glad your dad is feeling a little better, Angie!

Angie - THANK you for your continued positivity and finding joy through dressing - you've inspired me! I bought a floral mask on Etsy because the fabric made my heart soar a little bit, and that was enough to help me through some stress, too.

Thinking of you and yours during this stressful time - being apart *and* unable to go to loved ones is incredibly difficult. Hoping Sam loved on you lots today!

Stunningly beautiful colours for you!

Very late to this but sorry to hear about your Dad but pleased he has done extra help now. And that he is a bit improved.

I love pic 8 - just stunning of you and it is fun to see your wardrobe in action.

Jenn, Diana, Firecracker, Rachy, Sal, the Cat and Laura, thanks for the kind and therapeutic words. They mean a lot.

Glad that your dad seems better today

How hard/challenging/stressful when your beloved Dad is unwell and so far away. How amazing that the doctor visits. Glad to hear that he was up to talk on the phone with you.

Your dad is a tough bugger, Ange'.

I bet he could scare funnelwebs away !

That tunic is so fun!

Thanks, sweet Anne and Barbara Diane.

Cee, my Dad IS very tough.

Cindy, it's a very clever cut!

Try marinading him in the fridge overnight.

...What ?