This is me today, at my most casual, in our Seattle home.

Sweatshirt and new Everlane white jeans. The jeans are roomier on me than on the model. LOVE them! Like tailored high-rise BF jeans. Fitted, yet relaxed, and very comfy. Not too soft.

Wearing two stands of pearls at home because, why not? I like glamming

Changing things up with a pair of HOUSE ONLY sneakers that will not go outside. (We don't wear outside shoes at home). They are a duplicated pair I had newly boxed in my closet, and were ready to go. Handy.

I go out a few times a day to walk Sam so pop on a jacket/coat, bag and outside sneakers. No pic of that look, but I wore my red aviator, turquoise crossbody and hi-tops with this outfit - the last three Finds.

Hair styled, make-up applied, watch on, accessorized, active, calm, level-headed, positive, and Sam is as happy as a clam!