So pretty and cheery! And Sam is just the sweetest.

Sam cracks me up Love the blush and white combo on you!

Super cute!! The blush sweatshirt looks so good with the white jeans (great fit). And Sam's face in the 4th pic cracks me up!!-))

Soo beautiful. These colours are so uplifting. Sam could not be cuter, his joy at having you home is so evident.

Look how pretty you are!

Nr. 1. -Love your hair, nr 2. love your cute accessory(Sam!), nr.3 love the quote on your sweatshirt, nr 4 love the use of white jeans, nr 5 love the color scheme here, 6...think I love it all.

...and is that any way to present a Senior Warrant Officer of Her Majesty's Special Air Services Arse Munchers Battalion, Angie ?

Aka Sam

Lots of therapeutic comments, giggles, and gratitude all round. Thank you sooo much for being soooo nice!

JenniNZ, YOU ARE RIGHT. Snowmegedan was a walk in the park, comparatively.

Jennifer, April started a separate thread on the topic....

Joyce, YES. Sam prefers Social Nearing

Becky, YES. Pretty At Home Only sneakers are becoming a game changer for me too!

Love the fresh spring-y colors and matchy- matchy top and tennies!

SUPER pretty, Angie! You look like a spring day. How lovely.

One of the biggest silver linings is seeing your #OOTD's lately. Those jeans are great on/for you.

Very pretty. Love the sweatshirt.

Sam obviously approves of your happy and polished appearance. The jeans look perfect on you and the sweatshirt has such upbeat colors and message. It is so much fun to see you in your outfits and get glimpses of Sam. #4 made me laugh. He must have just given you a big doggy kiss.

You look so good and happy! You make me happy just looking at your post!

Awwwwh, ladies. Thanks for being so sweet.