It's Friday. No client meetings. I'm very casual working from home, running errands, walking Sam, and going out to casual supper with friends tonight. This is what I'm wearing, and everything is on foot. No driving.

YES, I wear velvet casually, because why not!

It's wet, windy, very grey, cold, and dismal. Bundled up, and creating my own sunshine in happy brights!

I AM LOVING ALL MY PANTS, and have finally successfully reduced jeans-wearing now that I have a great capsule of non-denim bottoms. It took a while.

This is a good example of how I mix very old with very new, and how the items work seamlessly together *to me* because I have a high affinity for colour mixing. It makes adding new colours to my wardrobe very easy, and I don't stress about orphaned colours.

Pink Joseph coat is 8 years old and one of the most luxe items in my wardrobe. It's impeccable and has held up very well. It will not date. Orange pullover is 3 years old and as impeccable (thank you COS). Mustard velvet pants are last season and altered to fit. Gorgeous quality (thank you Boden). Pink bag and mustard sneakers are new this year. Kate Spade and Converse - also really nice quality. I LOVE gorgeous quality.

You might not like the combination, and that's sooooo okay! I'm very happy, comfortable, relieved of stress, and soothed mixing things up this way because colours positively affect my mood. I have been dressing this way all my life - (thank you Benetton in the '80s!) - so it's a natural fit. You might be very different in this regard, and I celebrate the palette that makes you happy with you too


Light in my bedroom is bad. Pic #8 is more what the colours are like in person.

Hair is curled today. I'm getting good with the curling iron. Have a lovely and peaceful weekend, Fabbers. xo