Such a joyful mix of colours! Love the coat and bag

Love it - and not a neutral in sight! The photo with Sam is gorgeous.

Gorgeous colour combo. That coat is beautiful.

Extraordinary like usual, you are Queen of color mixing. You look terrific.

these colors give me such late 80s/early 90s happiness....while i don't wear these colors all together any more, i do appreciate them on others...

I love, love, love this! So happy and joyful! You are an inspiration, Angie!

My word. You’re all so nice. Thank you!

Cardiff Girl, I can see you in my pink coat.

Christina and Theodora

Bijou, Sam is the only neutral, I guess! And steals the show like he should.

Helena, HAH. That’s great! Really old pic - and four pairs of specs ago. Fun that you can remember that!

bonnie, Karie, Carla, Erin, Rain B, Style Fan and Mirjana you are lovely, and I appreciate the compliments.

Cee, I’m leaving the rest of the grey to Bat Sam.

Chouette22, what a sweet thing to say. I’m smiling.

Suz, thanks for getting it, especially in the light of our PNW weather. HIGH FIVE.

Staysfit, WOW. That’s high praise, and awfully gracious. Thank you

Firecracker and Kelly, your cheerleading and enthusiasm bring joy. Hugs!

kkards, wooohooooo. Go Team ‘80s.

I adore it - but most of all I adore how you have been hitting the message of wearing what makes each of us happy. It's such an important and against-the-current message and today's Instagram world.

And thank you for your post on Friday - it made me believe that even with my body type, I can throw figure flattery to the wind sometimes and try something new! Love your message and your positivity, Angie.

How fun!

You know, this just brings home to me how totally individual color style is. I would feel utterly ridiculous (i.e. way too conspicuous, and all the wrong colors for me) in these ensembles, but you look smashing!

I'll echo Roxanna...the bright colors are lovely but what's even more important is the message of wearing colors that make you happy no matter what anyone else's preferences are. "Love your message and your positivity Angie".

Angie, you've gone too far this time! Don't try to commit any crimes while wearing this!

Just kidding, of course! The colors are perfect for you, and I can tell you are very happy to be wearing them. How can you not have a wonderful day in such lovely colors?

Roxanna and Chris, what a gracious and lovely thing to say. Thank you so much! I'm smiling

Janet, personalizing your authentic style is what it's all about. It's a beautiful thing.

Xtabay, you made me laugh, and feel great. Thank you.

I cannot imagine anyone else looking as fun and elegant in these colors as you Angie. Two qualities that are hard enough to achieve in isolation and are truly rare to see together. Even in your crazy poses you are graceful, with perfect posture and a sparkling smile. You are a beautiful role model!


I'm dying over here! That combination of colors is just so fun!

Hair is definitely on point!

Jaime, thank you for your ongoing awfully kind and delightful comments. You make me blush!


Gigi, you are sweet. Thank you!

Really enjoy seeing the bright colors you look fantastic in them. I'm down in the doldrums and they're cheering me up today .

I agree with all the happy color comments.

But I also think there’s a great lesson here that’s kind of aha! for me about how tailored style, fit and fabric quality SUPPORT more aggressive color mixing that might not come across well in very casual or less well- fitting items. I’m not after the same color mixing as this , for my coloring, but I do like to think of trying a little more aggressive or interesting combos and re-mixing wardrobe without being too inhibited by conventions on color combinations.

Maybe it’s kind the the opposite of, black and gray can manage to make lesser or more casual items look more upscale.
Or maybe that’s all stereotypes.
Anyway I think this was a helpful lesson!

All the happy colors just look wonderful on you. I have been wearing black and gray for so long, because black makes you look thinner, and i really hate it. So this year because of all your happy colors, I'm buying mustard and hot pink and red. Love the color!

Your outfit makes me happy just looking at it! I'm feeling inspired!!

You do the brights so well! I am with Janet, I would feel ridiculous in this combination of colors (and waaaay too conspicuous) but I love seeing them on you!

Hi Angie and all the lovely ladies on the group!
I have been following you quietly for a while but could not resist this outfit... it's AMAZING!!! a ray of sunshine. You are so inspiring, Angie. Thank you!!!

What a happy happy happy outfit. You would make me smile if I saw you on the street.

Gail, happy to cheer you up, and hope you’re feeling better.

Unfrumped, interesting analogy! Glad this was helpful.

DeAnna and Scarlet, happy dance!

AviaMariah, glad you’re inspired.

Robin F,

Karen, how sweet of you to chime in, and welcome!

Angie that outfit is so unique and bold and it suits you well. You mentioned the lighting wasn’t the best for the photo, you ARE the lighting bold and bright

That’s such a nice thing to say. Thank you, Jess!

So much love! Makes my color loving heart happy.

Cheryl, thanks for chiming in, and being sweet as always.

How do you do it? Looking sophisticated in all these brights , and they mesh together perfectly somehow!
I am afraid I would look like a three yr. old trying to dress myself
Beautiful as always with that killer smile of yours !

Taylor, I didn't know whether to give you with a therapy or comedy award

Thanks for your gracious and sweet words. You are soooo nice.