I workout at 5.30am ish and wear yoga clothes. After that I shower and wear my outfit for the day. I change into lounge clothes after supper. So I wear my day outfit a LONG time.

This is what I'm wearing today. At home. With nowhere to go apart from take Sam on his daily walks. We are on VERY strict State of Washington STAY AT HOME orders. We are being extremely obedient. 4th week....

I am a completely emotional mood dresser! This morning I had lots of energy so I chose an outfit that reflected those feelings. Red = ENERGY.

  • Last season's red wide crops
  • This season's cropped turquoise pullover
  • AT HOME ONLY trendy Seinfeld sneakers. (Changed shoes to go outside)
  • 5 year old red jacket
  • 5 year old turquoise Furla

Comfy as can be as I work, clean, cook, walk, connect, watch the news, play with Sam, and organize. I cleaned, cooked and sanitized all afternoon - with a gigantic apron over this! (No jacket)

My sheltering and isolating normal:

Styled hair, make-up, wearing my pretty clothes, specs, glam pearls, Apple watch, big smile, calm, energetic, sense of humour, and not spreading fear. No rings at all.

After a week of seeing Spring outfits that are nothing but my regular style, you might understand why I love to wear colours. I am very consistent with the colours that I like. Sam has collars to match, they are all over our home, and we have mugs that match too

Off to walk Sam and rest my back. xo