Love your cheerful, colourful outfits--and the matching mugs.

Love it! This is what we need: color and smiles and a cute dog.

Ooh. These are beautiful colors and combo on you.

(*I forgot to add the Finds. Sorted).

Thanks for the kind words, ladies! You're awfully kind, and I'm blushing.

Cardiff Girl, well spotted. YES, I'm preferring "cropped over wide" as opposed to "long over lean" in terms of outfit silhouettes. I'm trendy with my bottoms so that's why.

I feel more awake just looking at the thumbnails! Such a stunning combination, but it doesn't overpower you at all but just enhances your glowing and beautiful face. How is that ?

Oh, Jaime. Your gracious words are therapeutic. Thank you.

Love the color combination!

You take matching mugs up a new level that's a great insight that you are consistent with the colors you like - soi you can afford to surround yourself with them, and everything coordinates. I'm much more fickle, I'm afraid - but it had given me something to think about!

I so love to see Sam with assorted collars:-))(we miss our doggie more than ever now) and you look more than fab of course, so very and unbeatable You!

Gorgeously photogenic... and you're OK too, Angie

Thanks so much, ladies!

Lyn67, so sad when our doggies leave us

Roxanna, there you go!

Cee, it's hard to keep up with Sam's fabness

Angie, you always look so fab. I am also loving the wide-legged crops.

Love all the matching colors! On paper, it would seem too much, but I believe your friendly smile and white necklace-shoe bookends make it so spectacularly balanced. It's just a head-to-toe radiance of fun sunshine!

It is so adorable how Sam looks at you!

I really enjoyed seeing your outfits last week. Please post more. : )

Style Fan and AJ, your gracious words mean a lot to me. Thank you

I am wearing the same sweater. Like, right now! (This is the one that surprised Lou, since I rarely wear brighter colors)

This hasn't been a great day, anxiety-wise, with Maryland abruptly going into shelter-in-place. But I segued from yoga gear to real clothes this morning for a personal video conference.

I now actually do feel more energized thanks to you!

Waving at my sweater twin! And for me - better than yoga clothes.

I think you must brighten the day of everyone who sees you on your walks!

Jules, what a NICE thing to say. Thank you for the kind compliments I see scattered on several of threads. *elbow bump*

I love it! So cheerful and vibrant.
Glad you are staying safe and healthy.

So lovely to see you chime in, Karie

HOW on earth did I miss this ! That blue is magical on you! Paired with the red , I am never going to recover ! STUNNING from head to toe!

Sweet Taylor, I gave you a comedy award because you made me laugh! But know that your words are therapeutic too. Thank you

Well I've only worn my twinsie sweater with white jeans and light blue jeans so far, but I love it with the red. I don't have much red in my wardrobe, but I've enjoyed red pants in the past...may have to put red pants on my radar!