This is what I'm wearing today to work from home, clean, cook, organize, catch up, watch the news, and walk Sam. It's the usual quarantine modus operandi at the Cox Castle.

My day started as early - 5am - with phone calls to the Netherlands that went on for a while. Despite the stress and a bad's night's sleep, I felt surprisingly energized, calm, strong, and more positive today. I had a lot to do, and got right to it. Thank you adrenaline, and my therapeutic home setting with my precious boys!

Pandering to my need for emotional comfort and EASY dressing - nothing remotely complicated today please - I chose to wear simple signature wardrobe items that soothe my mind, body and spirit. For me, that means Trendy Classic:

White jeans + Striped Top + Sour Brights + Happy Feet

Sam's collar matches my outfit perfectly. I can't help it

TEN year old citron trench coat.

You know my quarantine drill ......styled hair, make-up, at home sneakers..... blah, blah, bah......

I have officially joined Team Rate Hair. Goodbye polished 'do.....

I'll be taking another personal day tomorrow. Making more therapeutic cake, attending to Dad from afar, and scrubbing the house. It's mop the loft day tomorrow. Wooohooo! I love a gleaming floor. So this is the last outfit post for this week.

Thanks for looking. I'm off to sanitize, and heat up leftovers. More easy stuff tonight