Easy dressing FTW! You always look polished though, and I don’t think your hair could be RATE if you tried.

Easy classics in sour brights! So much to love here! Your outfits are always so cheerful and I look forward to that. Sam is a stylish match. What a little love he must be.
Your hair looks soft, flattering and still stylish. I wouldn’t say RATE at all.

High five to your red and white outfit! I didn't know about it when I dressed for this night, so I couldn't help smiling in surprise when I just saw it. My own outfit: White jeans, long graphic white tee with a print in teal, pink and more colours, white socks with red hearts, white Birks, red cardigan, short necklace with white chunky pearls, and torquoise glasses.

Oh my gosh # 16 is just beyond adorable!
Rest up, sweet Angie. I was worried about you this week.
Liking the evolving hairstyle....
Scrubbing on my agenda, too. And, maybe some cake.

Thank you all soooo much! REALLY appreciate the kind and therapeutic words. The laughs too

Karie, nerve wracking for sure, and hope you are back safely and soundly. Sweater is a WARM red.

Kelly, try the sweater!

The Cat, your outfit sounds great. High five to the white jeans.

Sharan, I know you get it. Much love to you. xo

Laurie, scubbing and cake = quarentine life! Thanks for thinking of me.

Slim Cat, I'll take "free-styled" hair - thank you!

Lyn67, we are not good sleepers unfortunately. I wore my lounge pants for the 6am meeting

Jaime and Smittie, good to know my RATE hair is disputable