This is me today. At home in Seattle with my boys. Working, cooking, cleaning, catching up with friends everywhere from my phone, watching tele, and glued to the news.

I'm casual, comfy, energetic and smiling with Sam. And smiling because I'm wearing my "Dynasty Crystal Carrington" bubblegum sweatshirt that screams the '80s. I LOVE THE '80s

These are my second pair of AT HOME ONLY SNEAKERS that I had new and boxed ready in the wings (duplicated last year). A trendy chunky Seinfeld look that makes me once again think back to my fab Varsity days in the '80s. And my word - I have seen the supportive sneaker light. Much better than wearing my slippers all after day......

My sheltering and isolating drill:

Styled hair, make-up, wearing my pretty clothes, specs, glam pearls, Apple watch - and nowhere to go but take Sam on his walks. I am leaving off my wedding rings because of excessive hand washing, sanitizing and moisturizing.

  • New checked pants. Best Theory pants I've ever owned, and I've owned many pairs. SUBLIME quality and fit.
  • I love bubblegum pink puffy sleeves!
  • Light blue Furla is a few years old
  • Denim jacket is five years old

I'm all over these shorter fluid tops with welts. Very versatile for my assortment of bottoms.

I like to mix pastels with brights and white. And that's why white shoes work well for my outfits. Working my way back to a perfect Dancer's pose too.