That shade of pink is a fantastic color for you. You look glowing.

Love your expressions - sassy! That shade of pink is gorgeous on you and looks sublime with the blue.

More awfully kind compliments. Thank you so much!

Wow, that bubblegum pink is just what the doctor ordered! You really look fabulous in those bright colors. I'm so jealous .

Too fun. Very chic! How do you make a sweatshirt look chic?!

I liked the light pink the day before and this pink today. You work the 80’s really well!

Thanks so much, ladies! I take it as a great compliment that I work the '80s well

Gorgeous outfit! I love that pink top. Long live the 1980’s!

That jumper,such a fabulous colour!and you look like you are keeping your spirits up in quarantine.

Love the puffed sleeves, pink, thst your feet are supported and your attitude!

Thanks ladies! You are awfully nice