This is what I'm wearing at home today to work, organize, clean, watch the news, and to walk Sam. I also dropped a package off at USPS, just up the road. Haven't driven in 6 weeks! Love that part. Wish I never had to drive again...

It's Koningsdag in the Netherlands, so no 5am calls, texts and meetings today. That was welcome. I slept in till 6am. Dad fragile and vulnerable, but doing better with increased at home care.

My usual quarantine drill ......styled hair, make-up, at home ONLY sneakers, some accessories, and wearing my pretty clothes because they make me happy, keep me positive, and give me strength. My wardrobe is one of the things that gives me guaranteed joy daily, and I am milking it.

11 weeks into hair grow (usually have it cut every 6 weeks). Tucking it behind my ears on both sides. It's fine!

It's a GORGEOUS sunny Seattle Spring day. Windy, but pretty. This DOES lift my mood. And so.......I was in the mood for my new dress, which I bought for a song a few weeks ago when it was on heavy discount.

I LOVE MY NEW DRESS! It fits perfectly, it beautifully made, very comfy, looks sharp, and is a lovely shade of polished blue denim. It's A-line so unique for this style of dress, and with two slits - back and front "car wash" vibe - so that I can charge around fast like I usually do. I don't wear sheaths or pencil skirts because I need styles that move at the bottom, which this one does!

A little lace in front for some pretty.

Polka dot blazer for tone-on-tone fun.

Crossbody to walk Sam. And a mask which I forgot to photograph again....

Light blue sneakers because they are one of my at-home-only options. At this rate, I will never wear non-sneakers again! I haven't missed my regular shoes at all. I'm just not a shoe gal.....

Sam approves, and Greg loves the dress too. Good to have confirmation from both in-house fashion stylists.

Thanks for looking! Off to walk and bath Sam, and sanitize the house. Yummy leftover turkey mince and veggie curry for supper tonight, so no need to cook.